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  1. Final version with additional signatures for the picket of the Greek Embassy in London, 1A Holland Park, London W11 3TP (tube Holland Park) from 1 to 3 pm today, Saturday 31 August 2013:

    31/08/2013 by socialistfight

    EEK, embassy, greek, grrece, Michael Savas, michael-matsas, picket, savas, Workers Revolutionary Party

  2. Picket of the Greek Embassy For Savas Michael-Matsas, Saturday 31st August. Called by Socialist Fight,

    27/08/2013 by socialistfight

    picket grrece greek embassy savas michael-matsas EEK Workers Revolutionary Party Michael Savas

  3. Picket Of The Greek Embassy, Saturday 31 August: Defend Savas Michael-Matsas; Defend Communities Against The Nazi Golden Dawn

    26/08/2013 by socialistfight

    socialist fight picket greek embassy savas michael-moutzouris workers revolutionary party eek greece golden dawn alexandros grigoropoulos london athens ANTARSYA Rail and Maritime Union rmt Socialist Democracy ireland communist group irish republican prisoners support international tendency rcit permanent revolution britain league network north east south west

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WRP Explosion

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