Picket of the Greek Embassy For Savas Michael-Matsas, Saturday 31st August. Called by Socialist Fight,

27/08/2013 by socialistfight

New2ForPostsPicket of the Greek Embassy on Saturday 31 August, 1-2 PM London. 1A Holland Park, London W11 3TP for Savas Michael-Matsas. Called by Socialist Fight.

The Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” has launched a lawsuit against Savas Michael-Matsas, in his capacity as general secretary of the EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party), accusing him of “defamation” and “incitement to physical attacks”. At the same time, the Nazis circulate online photos of Michael Savas with the fierce anti-Semitic appeals to “Strike at the Jewish vermin”. The Greek State authorities have accepted the demand for defamation and the prosecution of Michael Savas. He has issued a statement: “As you know, the Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece has started a legal action against the EEK and myself, its general secretary.

I am accused of “defamation”, “instigation of violence” and “disruption of the civil peace”. At the same time, the Nazis have intensified their non-stop, vicious, anti-Semitic and anti-communist campaign accusing me of being “the instrument of a world Jewish conspiracy to foment civil war, so as to impose a Judeo-Bolshevik regime in Greece”.

The Greek state has endorsed this action by Golden Dawn by bringing charges against myself, together with the former dean of the National Technical University of Athens, Mr Constantine Moutzouris (accused of permitting the operation of the alternative website, Athens Indymedia, from within the university).

The trial will begin on September 3 2013. Already about 2,000 signatures of solidarity have been collected internationally and nationally, and more are coming in every day. Many political and trade union organisations in Greece and internationally have expressed their solidarity. On August 29, a press conference will be held in the headquarters of the Union of Journalists in Athens. We want to set out our case, as well as reporting on the solidarity we have received.

We want to ask you to kindly send messages of solidarity, signatures, motions, etc, to eek@eek.gr, in time to be presented both to the press and to the court.” We strongly denounce this witch hunt launched by the Nazis, with the connivance of the Greek authorities, and demand an end to the persecution of Michael Savas and all anti-fascists.

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