Eddie Dempsey’s postings are totally unacceptable


15/02/2016 by socialistfight


Eddie Dempsey approves political murders of opponents of Stalin – it’s only a joke, of course, except it really happened – some 700,000 officially endorsed political executions from the Kremlin’s own archives, aside from the millions dead in the Gulag – 20 -40 million is no joke.

The following two photomontages of Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky were posted on his Facebook status by Eddie Dempsey, RMT Executive Committee member. Dispensing with the standard Stalinist lies and denials about the crimes of Stalin by the likes of the crackpot Grover Furr, Comrade Eddie takes the line, “he did it all, so what? We would do it all again if we got the chance”.

I find this extremely offensive and personally threatening as a Trotskyist. It is not at all “childish” but constitute behaviour totally unacceptable in a leader of a militant working class trade union.
Does the Executive Committee of the RMT endorse this behaviour? It openly endorses the assassination of political opponents, including the assassination of Trotsky, one of Stalin’s greatest crimes against the organised working class, which included the mass murders in the Great Purges of 1936-39 of the entire revolutionary generation that led the Russian Revolution.

Maybe Comrade Eddie does not understand these matters but ignorance is no defence. And Eddie has been around long enough to have read some history. In any case an ignorant bigot who endorses Stalin’s assassination of all his political opponents is unfitted to participate in the leadership of a workers’ organisation like the RMT.
Stalin sent legions of assassins abroad to commit cowardly murders of his opponents from cover, mimicking the actions of the British, American and French secret service murder gangs.

Implicitly therefore Eddie would assassinate his own political opponents if the opportunity arose, especially those who identify themselves as Trotskyists.
Does General Secretary Mick Cash endorse this stance? Is he not a political opponent of Stalinist Eddie Dempsey? Is he happy to have such people on his Executive Committee?


And the ignorant, sexist backwardness of this thuggery cannot be tolerated in the labour movement.



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