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Political Meeting LIGA comunistas (Brazil)

“Intervenção de Gerry Downing, dirigente do Socialist Fight britânico, no debate organizado pelo CLQI”
Translated from Portuguese: Policies of Gerry Downing, leader of British Socialist Fight in the debate organized by CLQI

Trade Union Activities at Metroline

John Martin McDonnell MP and others Debate at Railway Clubs makes in call out for protestors to begin action at Cricklewood Bus Garage 2pm to support Unite activist Gerry Downing who has an appeal against his sacking on trumped up charges, as well as another Bus Driver who makes final compassionate appeal before Action is taken against Metroline.
and other Bus Driver Oscar D’Alvarez from West Perivale Garage submitting a final compassionate appeal to be accepted.

Re-instated once charges were found to be false at tribunal

“Gerry Downing, Metroline Bus Driver at Cricklewood Bus Garage, was reinstated after negotiations.Thanks Gerry for releasing this interview, (and compliments to be reinstated on work).”

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