The rise of the politics of Stalinism in the British Labour movement

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03/12/2022 by socialistfight

Keir Starmer has just repeated the British Jobs for British workers in an other way but the anti internationalism and narrow British chauvinism is unmistakable.

We are therefore very disappointed to see that Kevin Bean makes a complete hash of this very important issue, assigning to the SWP a position that they have only partially conceded to in the past and failing to identify the main ideological enemy in this contraversory; British imperialist chauvinism itself.

Socialist Fight

What lies behind the advance of the politics of Stalinism in the British Labour movement? No Vote for Bob Crow’s No2EU Europhobia! By A J Byrne 15/2/2009

NotoEUThe 2009 British jobs for British workers supported openly by the CPB/Morning Star, somewhat shamefacedly by the Socialist Party and yielded to eventually by the SWP prepared the ground for the national chauvinism of the Brexit/Lexit campaign.

We will show that the methods and politics of Stalinism have advanced in the British labour movement because of the strengthening of the hold of the TU and Labour bureaucracy over the working class and the progressive capitulation of the ‘far left’ groups to this bureaucracy via the medium of the CBP/Morning Star. It is our contention that this opens the ground for the advance of genuine revolutionary socialist politics which looks directly to the working class itself, increasingly disgusted with this bureaucracy and looking for…

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