Maggie Smith 18 April 1962— 29 June 2013 By Gerry Downing

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16/01/2023 by socialistfight

The Ten year anniversary is coming up on 29 June. A proper memorial is called for.

Socialist Fight

Maggie Smith 18 April 1962— 29 June 2013

My partner, Maggie, died on 29 June with her family by her bedside. She had smoked since her early teens and throat cancer, diagnosed a year late (she had to tell the doctor what she had!), took her after a six month’s fight.  A timely diagnosis would have given her a far better chance; always insist on action when you suspect the worst!

Maggie was from a Scottish/Irish Republican family in Paisley. Her mother sold her insurances policies so she and her son Laurence could go to the 1970 European Cup Final where Celtic lost to Feyenoord. The wider family had helped to shelter some IRA escapees from the north of Ireland who later made it to the relative safety of the USA. Furious disputes broke out on occasions between the Orange and Republican wings of the family, including one assault on…

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