The facts don’t lie, and nor do I – An open letter to Jeremy Hunt MP

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15/06/2017 by socialistfight

Surely a classic response to Hunt and the Tory devastation of the NHS. It should  make Dr Louise Irvine a hero of the labour movement. I have never seen a better defence of the NHS than this and it really does nail the lies in Hunt’s attack on her.
And it implicitly focuses the blame again on those trade union bureaucracies, coordinated by the TUC’s Frances O’Grady, who isolated and deliberately caused the defeat of the junior hospital doctor’s dispute. Their struggle was the best chance to defend the NHS and strike struggle and direct action remains the only way to defend the NHS and the entire welfare state.

NHA - South West Surrey Group

Dear Mr Hunt

On Thursday night, in your acceptance speech, you accused me of “falsehoods”.

In your words, you accuse me of lying about “both our record with the NHS and also our motives”. You were clearly rattled that over 12,000 people in South West Surrey showed their concern for the NHS and voted for someone who questioned your record, but that is what democracy is all about – holding the government to account.

The truth is that I haven’t lied for the simple reason that I haven’t needed to. The facts speak for themselves.

When I talked about your record, I drew out many facts:

  • The number of people lying on trolleys waiting more than 4 hours to be admitted to a hospital bed increased from 387,737 in 2015/16 to 560,108 in 2016/17 – that’s a 45% increase in one year. I’m sure…

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