Ben Stimson – The Situation, my Position, and Action

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19/06/2017 by socialistfight

Ben Stimson goes on trial on 10 July in Manchester. Graham Phillips has promised to cover it. Here he says:

“The charges against Ben: “the intention of committing acts of terrorism and engaging in conduct in preparation for giving effect to this intention”, and “the intention of committing acts of terrorism and assisting acts of terrorism” are clearly a complete fabrication, a fiction.

I will be there, for at least part of Ben’s trial, in the UK in July, to cover it. And I will, as stated, absolutely support the principle that UK law must be consistent – the diffence in treatment between Stimson and Garrett is absolutely ridiculous, a travesty.”

The Truth Speaker

Graham Phillips

In August of 2016, I went to film an interview, in Oldham, with Ben Stimson, British man who’d fought with the people’s militia in Donbass, here is that documentary.

Ben was in a pretty desperate situation when I met up with him – penniless, hungry, paranoid due to the threat of imprisonment hanging over him. As a journalist, I wanted to film an objective documentary, as a person, I wanted to help a man, a countryman, in a plight. So it was, I provided meals for Ben, and a little for sustenance.

ben-stimson-1ben-stimsonMy impressions of Ben were predicated by the fact that I felt he was in a desperate situation, and of primary concern to him was, for want of a better expression, saving his own skin. Ben (pictured, at positions in Donbass) had originally been arrested on the basis of an interview he’d done with the…

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