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13/06/2017 by socialistfight

The torture and oppression goes on in Maghaberry.


Republican Prisoners wish to highlight the continued use of draconian health care arrangements as a tool of oppression by the Jail Administration.

Over the past number of months several Republican Prisoners have been subjected to degrading treatment when attending outside hospital, in the form of forced strip-searches and the denial of doctor-patient confidentiality.

This process involves a last-minute notification after which we are taken to a holding cell at the jails reception. There, we are subjected to a forced strip-search by 6 members of the Riot Squad; regardless of the medical condition. We are then handcuffed to a screw and taken to a secure van where we remain handcuffed and in full view of the escorts. Upon arrival at the hospital we are transported from the van still handcuffed to a screw and we remain handcuffed during the consultation.

Despite it being internationally recognised that all patients medical history is…

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