Enough is enough #2: Jeremy Corbyn MP

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01/09/2014 by socialistfight

The vilely reactionary AWL leader Jim Denham roundly abuses Jeremy Corbyn for questioning the revolutionary essence of the Libyan Rebels in 2011. How does any group claiming the name of Trotskyism (falsely, let me hastily add) tolerate this reactionary man in their ranks?

Shiraz Socialist

I’ve become increasingly worried about Jeremy Corbyn of late, but have been reluctant to attack him because of his record during the Blair years. During that dark time for the Labour Party, when craven subservience to the Tory entrist and his unelected apparatchiks  like Mr Campbell  was the order of the day, Corbyn was one of the few Labour MP’s to stand his ground. He spoke up for principles that seemed to have at least something to do with socialism. That is something that will always be to his credit. 


But since those evil days, Corbyn has been coming out with some seriously bad stuff, especially in his periodic pieces for the Morning Star, full of third-worldist nonsense, relativist crap, conspiracy-theories and one-sided hostility to Israel that seems to question its very right to exist. In more than one article, he seemed to offer critical support to the Taliban…something that must surely place even the most…

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