PCS HP Branch Secretary was unfairly dismissed for trade union activities – Employment Tribunal verdict

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01/09/2014 by socialistfight

Sorry to have missed this campaign. Proud to take up the issues now and support John’s demands fro reinstatement in the PCS and the union to pay his expenses and represent him in his reinstatement hearing> And what a fake left Mark Serwotk really is:

PCS Independent Left

We have reported in previous postings on the case of the PCS HP North West Branch Secretary, John Pearson. In May 2013, the employer, HP supplied PCS with the statutorily specified details of proposals to sack 584 workers on 31 July. When John circulated those details to branch members, he was suspended and later dismissed on a charge of breaching company confidentiality.

The PCS HP Group Secretary, Alan Brown wrote to HP on 7 June 2013 condemning John’s suspension as an attack on the union and demanding his reinstatement.

However, a few months later, whilst mass sackings were still taking place, a work to rule was ongoing and John’s branch was conducting a consultative ballot on escalation of action, Alan wrote to John informing him that the union was no longer taking action to seek a remedy for him and that not only would John be unable to continue to…

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