The Restoration of Capitalism in China: A Marxist critique of the process of the CCP’s counter-revolution by CWG (USA)

24/04/2013 by socialistfight

Comrades, I was absolutely thrilled to read this document, a very serious work of Marxism and methodologically correct in my view. In following the line of the LTT document it does follows the correct line, in my view. This was the line and method I used myself in analysing the Sparts position on China, Poland and the USSR and we seem to have reached the exact same conclusions. I will need to re-study to see if there are some minor differences, but I can see none. Here are the two documents I have on my Scribd site on this question, a critical introduction to the LTT’s The Marxist Theory of the State and the In Defence of Trotskyism No 1, now retranslated into French, which I intend to bring to the Lutte Ouvrière Fete at the end of May:

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