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  1. The CWI and IMT: Right Centrist Heirs Of Ted Grant

    08/01/2014 by socialistfight

    gerry, downing, socialist, fight, sf, liaison, committee, for, the, fourth, international, lcfi, revolutionary, tendency, workers, party, international, marxist, imt, socialist, appeal, trotskyist, cwi, sp, ted grant, poa, prison, officers, association, communist, trades, union, congress, tuc, nssn, rmt, bob crow, in, uniform, lenin, trotsky, london, east, north, south, west, militant, league, britain, alternative, dsm, ibt, bolshevik, labour, michael pablo, ireland, irish, monthly, workers, power, peter taff, tusc, coalition, rcit, national, shop, stewards, cor, resistance, bureaucracy, Alex Gordon, Jerry Hicks, Grass Roots Left, Unite, grl

  2. Unite Grass Roots Left (GRL) National Conference. 9th November, 2013

    01/11/2013 by socialistfight

    unite, the, union, grass, roots, left, trades, union, third, national, conference, gerry, hicks, grl, gerry hicks, campaign, socialist, workers, party, london, north, west, east, south, election, congress, Derek Simpson, grass, grass roots left, grl, Jerry Hicks, left, Len McCluskey, of, platform, roots, the, union, Unite, yrades, grl, annual, labour, representation, committee, lrc, brent,

  3. London Demonstration To Defend Abahlali baseMjondolo’s Right To Protest in South Africa

    01/10/2013 by socialistfight

    Africa, african, amcu, anc, communist, congress, cosatu, group, marikana, Marxist, massacre, mineworkers, msbenzi, NATIONAL, num, of, party, quina, quina msebenzi quina, revolutionary, sacp, socialist fight, south, union, : Africa, african, african national congress, alliance, amcu, anc, and, association, black, center for civil society, committee, communist, construction, cosatu, democratic, fight, for, fourt, group, international, left, Liaison, maikana, massacre, may day, miners, mineworkers, movement, nationalism, num, of, pan africanist congress, partick bond, party, rally, SOCIALIST, south, support, the, union

  4. Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference: Socialist Fight Motion On Syria

    29/09/2013 by socialistfight

    socialist, fight, party, workers, labour, representation, committee, annual, conference, syria, obama, united, states, assad, Islamist militias, fsa, lrc, free, syrian, army, anti-capitalist, initiative, anti-imperialist, britain, france, syrian, national, army, london, east, west, south, north, surrey, guildford,

  5. The Mitchell Principles – a fair basis for conflict resolution or an undemocratic and pro-imperialist set of principles?

    27/09/2013 by socialistfight

    irish, republican, prisoners, support, group, Mitchell Principles, imperialist, imperialism, George Mitchell, Good Friday Agreement, Six Counties, First Dáil, britain, ireland, ulster, ira, government, inla, irish, national, nationalist, liberation, army, socialist, fight, london,

  6. The Rights of Nations to Self-determination: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Basque Country, Catalonia and Spain.

    21/09/2013 by socialistfight

    The, Rights, of, Nations, to, Self-determination, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Spain, national, revolutionary, nationalist, scottish, anti-capitalist, britain, british, communist, empire, loyalist, republican, north, ireland, marxist, orange, state, Portugal, Hispanic Socialist Federation, Castile, Andalucía, Galicia, socialist, fight, party, workers, north, london, ease, west, south, group, initiative, liaison committee for the fourth international

  7. QINA MSEBENZI LABOUR BULLETIN: – Cosatu under attack!

    18/09/2013 by socialistfight

    socialist fight, quina msebenzi quina, quina, msbenzi, quina, south, africa, revolutionary, marxist, group, african, national, congress, anc, cosatu, sacp, communist, party, amcu, num, national, union, of, mineworkers, amcu, marikana, massacre

  8. A Short Biography Of Nelson Mandela

    06/09/2013 by socialistfight

    nelson, mandela, anc, african, national, congress, youth, league, south, african, defence, league, pan, freedom, charter, imf, communist, party, num, national, union, of, mine, workers, mineworkers, international, socialists, party, socialist

  9. Resolution on No Platform for Fascists.

    30/08/2013 by socialistfight

    no, platform, for, fascists, trotsky, socialist, fight, liaison, committee, for, the, fourth, international, party, workers, communist, labour, brent, east, london, west, north, south, international, network, revolutionary, bnp, english, defence, league, british, national,


    24/04/2013 by socialistfight

    Leon Trotsky NATIONAL QUESTION IN THe CATALONIA Leon Trotsky THE NATIONAL QUESTION IN CATALONIA 1931 Spanish revolution separatism autonomy Communism london socialist fight party network international power workers north south east west Spain federation syndicalists anarcho-syndicalists

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WRP Explosion

WRP Explosion