Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference: Socialist Fight Motion On Syria

29/09/2013 by socialistfight

New2ForPostsSocialist Fight Motion On Syria

November’s annual conference of the Labour Representation Committee, to which Socialist Fight is affiliated, is fast approaching. We publish below the second of two conference motions being supported by Socialist Fight.

Negotiations with Russia and Iran disarm Syria of its chemical weapons and Iran from developing nuclear weapons and so prepare for a future attack against weaker enemies. They have been forced into a partial retreat because of:
1. The loss of the HoC vote on 29 August.
2. The likely defeat of Obama by Congress.
Public opinion did not buy the obvious lie that the ‘war on terror’ must defeat Al-Qaeda but Assad had to go by arming Al-Qaeda. The Sarin gas atrocity came at an obviously convenient moment.
Western Imperialism’s war aims in Syria are:
1. Increase its rate of profit by more direct economic control.
2. Defeat Hezbollah to protect its client Israel.
3. Prepare for a joint attack on Iran with Israel.
Eleven jihadist rebels allied on 25 September to reject both the Western-backed NC and the FSA. Islamist militias manipulated by Western intelligence have been the battering ram for Western imperialist foreign policy increasingly since the 1980s. There would be no mass civil war in Syria without Islamists imported by Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and ultimately the US, UK, and France.
Despite previous brutal pro-Imperialist tyranny by Assad defending Syria’s national sovereignty demands the victory of the Syrian National Army over US-sponsored forces. The LRC fights in the labour movement for the defeat of all Imperialist-sponsored forces. The defeat of this utterly bogus “revolution” will defend a relatively secular administration, strengthen the Syrian working class against Assad and dent chauvinism in US, Britain and France.LRC

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