Irishness, Empire & class

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18/03/2021 by socialistfight

Some good stuff here:

I will let James Connolly put it more simply than I ever could

We mean to be free, and in every enemy of tyranny we recognise a brother, wherever be his birthplace; in every enemy of freedom we also recognise our enemy, though he were as Irish as our hills. The whole of Ireland for the people of Ireland – their public property, to be owned and operated as a national heritage, by the labour of free men in a free country.

Workers’ Republic, 5 August 1899


One of the small mercies provided by this terrible pandemic is that we are not afflicted with television images of Irish politicians cavorting around the White House genuflecting before the global hegemon. Many people who should know better have lost the run of themselves, predicting that Joe Biden will grant Irish republicans all their wishes at once. Let’s get something very clear. Rather than facilitators for a better future, Biden’s administration is more likely to impede the type of United Ireland that will benefit working-class people North and South. You are going to get a load of guff shoved down your throat about not being allowed to alienate Washington so as not to derail the unity train. The reunification of the island depends on the Irish people and the construction of a popular democratic coalition intent on securing a just society for all. If you want some indication of what…

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