SR candidate Dan Piper: Federal troops out of our cities!

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25/07/2020 by socialistfight

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SR dan campaignSee the video of Dan Piper’s commentary on the abductions by federal agents:


For days now federal troops without visible ID have been using unmarked vans to abduct people without explanation or charges, at times covering their captives’ eyes, keeping them from knowing where they are taken. And so far, federal agencies have refused to comment on any specific arrests.

Homeland Security and Donald Trump are applauding these wildly illegal kidnappings and have declared that they will be used across the United States, as will expanded use of federal troops in policing.

This is one of the most extreme attacks on basic rights of free speech and due process that I have seen in my lifetime. It is an attack on all social movements, all working people and all oppressed groups. And it comes during the largest social uprising in this country since perhaps reconstruction.


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