A new imperialist scramble for West Africa?

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25/07/2020 by socialistfight

Excellent post

Gambia fish traders (Xaume Olleros:Guardian) Fish sellers in Gambia, many of them women, have had less catch to sell since China opened a fish-meal processing factory in the region. The Chinese plant has resulted in environmental degradation, fewer jobs, and increasing hunger as local people have less fish in their diets. (Xaume Olleros / Guardian)


Given the highly competitive nature of capitalism globally, France’s historically uncontested dominance in its former African colonies is bound to lose ground to its rivals if it lacks the economic and military wherewithal to preserve it. Today, France’s economic influence in West Africa is being contested by several of its imperialist rivals in the European Union (EU), the United States and, most aggressively, by China.

While France remains very relevant to the economies of its former African colonies—it is the second largest exporter of goods to Africa and the financial backer of the region’s currency, the CFA…

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