Lessons of Irelan’s Greatest General Strike-Conor Kostic

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03/05/2020 by socialistfight

More on Ireland’s general strike of 1020 and its great potential, unfortunately, wasted and betrayed by the labour lieutenants of capital.

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(Articles by Prof William Murphy, History and Geography, DCU  and by John Dorney in blogTHEIRISHSTORY Further Down )

The Biggest General Strike in Irish History     Conor Kostic    January 9, 2020

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Conclusion-Full Article Further Down

What can be learned from the great general strike of 1920? 

Unfortunately for the radical workers of 1920, their own organisations and leaders were far from eager to lead the movement towards a socialist Ireland. James Connolly was dead and Jim Larkin was in Sing Sing jail, leaving a generation of Labour and trade union leaders in charge whose values were closer to those of the modern Labour Party and ICTU than their socialist, former colleagues.

It is often argued that Ireland could not have been (and never will be) a socialist country because of the adherence of the population to national parties and to Catholicism. Typically, the events of…

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