Betrayal Of Limerick Soviet By ITGWU Leader

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30/04/2020 by socialistfight

Excellent analysis of the beyrayal of the Limerick Soviet by the cynical trade union bureaucracy. Vital lessons for today.

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Betrayal Of Limerick Soviet By ITGWU and other Union Leaders

“After considerable delay, ILP &TUC leaders finally turned up in Limerick to reveal a plan that had been agreed with the nationalist activists, namely the evacuation of the population of Limerick. Understandably the Limerick workers were dismayed by this absurd proposition.”–Conor Kostic

Local republicans had called the Trade union leaders who proposed this “nincompoops”

But they were not stupid. A vastly experienced trade union leader such as William O’Brien, must have known that this outrageous proposal would undermine the limerick strike against British emergency powers  and the soviet backing the strike

The Limerick soviet, which had soared to unprecedented heights of working class activity, deflated with a whimper, with considerable damage to the position of the working class within the fight for Irish independence.

Limerick Soviet and General Strike of May 1 1919- From The Irish Working Class and…

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