Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ


18/02/2020 by socialistfight

Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ
18/02/2020 at 12:29
Gerry here demonstrates that, to truly be a thinker, you must be willing to also be a rethinker.

The conspiracy freakhead who Ian Donovan cannot repudiate.

And Ian demonstrates, quite dramatically, the catastrophic price of the inability to rethink. He embraced the charlatan Gilad Atzmon fifteen years ago, when Atzmon was still pretending to be a figure of the left but by 2005 had already started his infamous pas-de-deux with far-right Holocaust deniers. By 2008 Atzmon was rightly on the ropes — and Donovan did not rethink. By 2012 nearly the entire left had repudiated him — and Donovan did not rethink. By now Atzmon is an alt-right figure, ready to be seen regularly on David Icke’s “Richie Allen” show and Henrik Palmgren’s “Red Ice Radio” — and Donovan does not rethink.

In fact, Donovan fears even *engaging* the question of Atzmon’s antisemitism. He is cornered. How many alt-right podcasts do you have to do before Donovan rethinks his support of you? The Atzmon examples shows the answer is, knock yourself out, do them all, Donovan will never rethink his support of you if in the process of your alt-right podcasting and talks to Holocaust denial organisations you supply verbal formulae allowing Donovan to excuse his own antisemitism to himself.

This is why it’s so instructive that Ian Donovan refuses, again and again, over and over, to actually publicly discuss Atzmon’s many links with the Holocaust denial movement. He knows he can’t defend Atzmon — the facts are all laid out — but refuses to rethink his attachment to Atzmon, and that forces him into a position where he can literally say nothing. It’s the silence that shouts.

Donovan’s inability to rethink Atzmon has led him, gradually but indisputably, to a very public position of outright antisemitism.

Entirely preventable. Entirely on him.

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11 thoughts on “Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ

  1. Ian says:

    This was posted by Gerry Downing?

    This guy is a Zionist troll. Looks like Gerry is in the process of signing him up for his faction.


  2. Ian says:

    Next stop will be Gerry Downing doing a guest post on Harry’s Place. Hallelujah! He’s seen the light!


  3. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    Some uncomfortable facts for Ian:

    – Arthur Topham is an antisemite and Holocaust denier in British Columbia, Canada.

    – Gilad Atzmon is a fan of Arthur Topham.

    – Arthur Topham’s antisemitic hate site, “Radical Press,” frequently published antisemitic content, including the claim that the Holocaust was a Jewish hoax.

    – The Holocaust was not a Jewish hoax.

    – Gilad Atzmon believes that it’s neither morally egregious nor factually unreasonable to argue that the Holocaust was a Jewish hoax.

    – Gilad Atzmon went to British Columbia in late 2015 to testify at Topham’s trial, at Topham’s request and at his expense, testifying that — among other things — Holocaust denial is an extremely serious and meritorious form of scholarship.

    – Gilad Atzmon, in the stand, repeatedly waved aside the idea that the Nazis killed six million Jews as “the Holocaust religion,” and ducking four times in a row the six million figure.

    – The jury wisely laughed Atzmon off and convicted Topham. Topham had to pay court costs, had to close his hate site, and had to stop posting on the internet for a certain fixed period.

    – In early 2016, Atzmon appeared on Henrik Palmgren’s alt-right “Red Ice Radio” podcast to discuss the trial. Palmgren is a central figure in the racist alt-right, and Atzmon has appeared on his podcast several times.

    – Also joining in the discussion: the convicted antisemite and Holocaust denier Arthur Topham.

    – Also joining in the discussion: Paul Fromm, Holocaust denier, white separatist, pal of Zündel, and arguably Canada’s best-known racist now that Zündel is dead.

    – Also joining in the discussion: Brian Ruhe, another open antisemite and self-described Hitler fan.

    Which of these facts, Ian, do you dispute? I can demonstrate each of them to be true.

    Surprise us all and answer a direct question directly.

    Or are you just sorry you weren’t invited to the same alt-right podcast so that you too could revel in the company of frothing right-wing antisemites the way Atzmon so clearly does? I’m sure Atzmon can find you other alt-right podcasts to be on with him, he does so many.


  4. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    What Ian Donovan made clear, over and over, is that he has no answer to give when confronted with the evidence of Atzmon’s antisemitism.

    Since he seems to have welded himself to Atzmon, can we expect Donovan to start showing up on alt-right podcasts too? It’s not impossible to imagine. He could become the fascist alt-right’s token communist, just as Atzmon has become their token Jew.


  5. Ian says:

    Alt-right? I hate the alt-right.

    They are funded by Israel and they tend to call themselves “white Zionists”.

    Like the epitome of the Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie, Likud’s Sheldon Adelson, who has promised $100 million to re-elect Donald Trump.

    The Alt-Right is your department. As is the far right.


  6. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    “Alt-right? I hate the alt-right.”

    Bullshit. You can’t bring yourself to repudiate their token Jew Atzmon. Why? Because the alt-right Atzmon hates Jews the same way you do — a fundamentally medieval view of the Jews presented under the cover of faux-lefty vocabulary.

    That is, you don’t hate the part of the alt-right you think you can get away with supporting. And that’s Gilad Atzmon.

    That’s the contradiction you’re trying so hard to avoid.


  7. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    But please by all means go ahead.

    Give us — finally — your justification for Gilad Atzmon’s appearance with white-separatist Mark Weber and alt-right Kevin MacDonald at the event organised by the Holocaust denial organisation Institute for Historical Review, cofounded by the BNP’s David McCalden. Tell us how that makes your lefty heart just sing and isn’t even slightly problematic.

    Gerry is exactly right to point to Atzmon as being the source, the wellspring and fuel cell, of your intellectual and moral failure on antisemitism.

    You don’t defend him on the promotion of Holocaust denial because you know you can’t.


  8. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    Buried within the comically froth-mouthed fulmination, Ian is finally forced to concede that, yes, Gilad Atzmon — Donovan’s hero and his personal guide to Those Terrible Jews — does indeed have a long-standing habit of promoting Holocaust denial and sharing the stage (audio and in person) with its bug-eyed antisemitic alt-right and far-right acolytes.

    But, rest assured, good people, it’s only a “mild” habit!

    What a relief!

    And it’s done in the name of “I really really like giving talks to neo-Nazis and love it when they applaud me when I tell them that there’s a good chance they’re right that Jews made up the Holocaust.” Sorry, I’ll read that again, it’s done in the name of “free speech” (table-pounding last resort of every racist charlatan and pseudo-scholar).

    Even David Irving claimed only “to have doubts about some elements of the Nazi genocide.” Standard issue, self-exonerating euphemism among the Holocaust denial set. That is how Holocaust deniers routinely euphemise their crackpot “research.” So Ian is putting Atzmon in Irving’s lane — or rather tacitly recognising that Atzmon’s been in Irving’s lane for quite a while.

    It’s a bit like saying flat earthers “have doubts about some elements of planetary geometry. But mild ones, of course, so it’s not in any way lunatic.”

    What’s particularly funny, though, is that Donovan wants to sweep this into Atzmon’s past, treat it as old news, when Atzmon’s actually moving not away from promoting Holocaust denial but toward promoting it ever more loudly — and on its “intellectual merits.”

    If you followed the David Irving trial you know that Holocaust denial (even when it calls itself “Holocaust revisionism”) focuses on four central points.

    1 – “It’s never been proven that” Hitler and the Nazis had a genocidal program.

    2 – “It’s never been proven that” the Nazis murdered on the order of six million Jews as opposed to, say, a tenth of that.

    3 – “It’s never been proven that” there were gas chambers at Auschwitz.

    4 – “It’s also possible that” the whole thing was exaggerated madly by an international Jewish conspiracy.

    Now, thing is, Ian, these four points are Atzmon’s position. They are the position he goes out of his way to promote, and I can demonstrate that point by point.

    See for yourself. Try to find a statement from your hero — Gilad Atzmon, the alt-right’s token Jew, gleeful promoter of Holocaust denial, and archetypal Jewish antisemite — that he actually accepts what *every* serious historian accepts, the existence of the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

    You’ll see him praise extravagantly virtually everyone who says the opposite — Irving, Chabloz, Eisen, “Shamir,” Zündel, Faurisson. And yet you’ll never see him accept the gas chambers himself. Because that would lose him the alt-right audience he’s worked so hard to cultivate since everyone in the left smarter than their own toothpaste gave him the boot.

    Simple challenge, Ian. Atzmon writes about Holocaust denial all the time. Find *one* statement from Atzmon unambiguously accepting the existence of the Auschwitz gas chambers, not as “one possible narrative,” not as “one side of the story,” but as historical fact.

    You won’t be able to.

    Try it. Vindicate your “hero.”


  9. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    Incidentally, here’s why Atzmon’s “I do it in the name of free speech” wheeze fails.

    Somehow, that Atzmon’s “free speech” strangely, mysteriously, every single time, never actually gets to the point of saying, “By the way, [fill in the name of the antisemitic Holocaust denier Atzmon is currently gleefully promoting], you’re spreading Jew-hating nonsense. Of course Hitler and the Nazis killed six million Jews, including a million gassed at Auschwitz, and no serious historian doubts this, so don’t give me that what-if-it’s-a-lie shit anymore.”

    Given the amount of his time that Atzmon chooses to spend hanging around Holocaust deniers — and praising them for their brilliance — you think that just once he’d let slip with “but you know, this stuff comes straight from neo-Nazis and the alt-right, and the facts just don’t support you on it.”

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that David Irving — whom he praises — is wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that Alison Chabloz — whom he praises — is wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that Paul Eisen — whom he praises — is wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that Ernst Zündel — whom he praised posthumously — was wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that Robert Faurisson — whom he praised and went so far as to do a softball YouTube interview with — was wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    Can you point to Atzmon publicly saying that Mark Weber — whom did two different IHR gigs with — is wrong to be a Holocaust denier? Please include a link.

    When Atzmon says “free speech” he means “I want to praise these antisemites while still pretending I hold the moral high ground — that high ground I clearly abandon the moment I start praising these lunatic antisemites.”

    Why is it that when it comes to these people, Atzmon has literally nothing but praise, loud and repeated — despite the fact that their leading characteristic is that they’re peddling an antisemitic conspiracy theory only racist loons could fall for?


  10. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    And the Oscar for “Least persuasive attempt to wave away the comprehensive collapse of his utterly antisemitic position” goes to … Ian Donovan, who will presumably celebrate in his traditional style by physically assaulting a Spart woman.


  11. Ghost of Sven Gøllÿ says:

    Who do you think you’re fooling, Ian? I gave a long, point-by-point analysis of Gilad Atzmon’s very cozy relationship with the Holocaust denial movement. You evaded every word of it — characteristically — to reply merely with a furtive nasty little snark containing apparently your semi-sexual fantasies about the state of my underwear.


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