RMT’s Eddie Dempsey puts soft-left to shame with staunch defence of Corbyn


01/09/2018 by Ian

Here is the RMT’s Eddie Dempsey laying into former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for his hysterical attempt to equate Jeremy Corbyn with the racist Tory/Unionist demagogue Enoch Powell. Comrade Dempsey gives no quarter to the Sky News interviewer or his opponent in the exchange, Charlotte Henry, a senior Press Officer for the Israel lobby outfit BICOM.

We have our differences with comrade Demspey, as it is not difficult to discover from reading this site. However we wholeheartedly applaud his defiance of the witchhunt here, and his refusal to give an inch to the Zionists’ prolonged attack on Labour’s members and supporters for daring to elect a defender of Palestinian rights to lead Labour.

If Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet and advisers took comrade Dempsey’s approach to this witchhunt, the whole anti-semitism smear would be blown out of the water within a week or two. The ruling class press would be forced to look for some other means to attack.

Instead the likes of Lansman and Owen Jones grovel before Zionists like the racist, anti-Palestinian JLM, and Lansman lobbies actively for Labour to adopt the Zionist IHRA pseudo-‘definition’ of ‘anti-Semitism’, which characteristically exploits Jewish suffering under the Nazis to justify Palestinian suffering today and tries to ban criticism of Israel’s endemic racist crimes. Indeed the JLM, affiliated to Labour, is part of Israel’s racist pseudo-‘Labour’ Party that was in power in Israel both when more than 750,000 Arabs were driven from their homes in 1947-9, in what Arabs call the Naqba (catastrophe), and when the West Bank and Gaza were siezed by force in the 6 day war of 1967.

Comrade Dempsey’s contribution has caused disquiet among the Zionists, as an example of how to stand up to them and fight back without flinching. They fear others may learn from this. So they should!

4 thoughts on “RMT’s Eddie Dempsey puts soft-left to shame with staunch defence of Corbyn

  1. Chris Barratt says:

    But Dempsey’s (and Corbyn’s) trade-unionist level of understanding is STILL total CLASS COMPROMISE.
    The conflict between the Zionist land-thieves and the Palestinian people is today’s sharpest and greatest class-war frontline. The “two-state solution” promoted by Western imperialism is a sick vicious joke – “offering” the Palestinians 20% of their own land – but criss-crossed with permanent Zionist-Nazi army roads and army bases and leaving the native people in conditions like concentration camps; meanwhile, the Zionist colonial fascists get the rest. Would the class-war, national war ever stop on this humiliating basis? Is there any sign at all of the Jewish “master-race” being prepared to scale back its Nazi-warmongering existence? In what real, Marxist world would this ever happen?
    Only revolutionary war to the end and the defeat of Zionism will work.
    Promoting the “two-state” non-solution as workable and realistic is truly reactionary.
    There is no sensible defence of Corbyn and “left”-Labourism in this matter. The Jewish lobby’s attacks on Corbyn are indeed ludicrous, but letting the Jewish lobby get away with defending “Israel” while claiming there is such a thing as “left-wing anti-Semitism” (which Corbyn, Dempsey, Socialist Fight and the rest of the fake-left all do) is class-compromising nonsense.
    The allegations should be thrown back in the Jewish lobby’s faces. Their own “outraged” letters on this issue state that they ALL support the “state of Israel”. And where do they say they all “feel like fleeing to out of fear of racist anti-Semitism in the UK spread by Labour” – the officially racist (by its own recent legislation) “state of Israel”!!
    So exactly as the EPSR has always said, being Jewish and being Zionist at this stage, after the foundation of “Israel” and in a world fighting imperialism, is the same. And the difference between “liberal” Jews/Zionists embarrassed by all the right-wing Jewish/Zionist fascist violence and torture directed at the Palestinians and the Jewish/Zionist ultra-right is completely immaterial in this respect.
    But to take a correct Leninist stance on this issue requires a break with warmongering imperialism and its “democratic” and “politically correct” “anti-racist” lying garbage.
    Social-democratic Labourism “left” or right is tied to imperialism, as Lenin always explained.
    For Socialist Fight to defend the trade-unionist defence of Corbyn’s approach to this issue just leaves SF’s Trotskyism once again pulling the wool over workers’ eyes.


  2. Ian says:

    Denouncing the former Chief Rabbi as a far right bigot and refusing to back down under inquisitorial televised questioning is hardly simple trade unionism.

    This is sectarianism, defined as opportunism in fear of itself. We should not get involved in defending the labour movement against a witchhunt orchestrated from the Israeli embassy because the targets are not ‘revolutionary’.

    We reject such foolish advice.


  3. Chris Barratt says:

    What I’m saying is make the anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish lobby arguments WITHOUT SUPPORTING social-democracy and reformist trade unionism politically. In other words, make the Marxist argument for revolution, and explain the dialectic.
    Your comment above is making the argument for reformism and is against materialist dialectics.
    Also in previous exchanges on this topic on this website you accused me of anti-semitism which clearly implies that you believe (along with the insane Jewish lobby) there is such a thing as “left-wing anti-semitism”, when there isn’t.
    So why not finally wise up to the substantive point being made in my comment above – that there is no difference between being Jewish and being Zionist in the modern world? (It is the only way of taking on the UK Jewish lobby head-on and being correct, anti-imperialist and Marxist.)
    Aaah – I know why – it is because your mentality is still tyrannised by imperialist PC thinking and fear of being called an anti-Semite!
    Finally, by explaining the Zionist/Jewish lies and being revolutionary about Palestine and 100% anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist (unlike Dempsey and Corbyn), I am clearly defending the labour movement. But I’m NOT defending the Labour movement.

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