Idlib and the pro-imperialist left

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01/09/2018 by socialistfight

Gerry Downing comment on pro-imperialist leftism:

The global hegemonic imperialist power is the USA. Russia and China are not imperialist powers but advanced semicolonial powers the USA wishes to defeat and balkanise. The US succeeded in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya, it was partially baulked after the fascist led Maidan coup in Ukraine in February 2014. And it and its proxy forces have been defeated in Aleppo and the rest of Syria and now face defeat in Idlib.

But the pro imperialist left are outraged that their own imperialist ruling class are facing humiliation so these civilisation mongerers tell us that far rightist jihadist headchoppers sponsored by the US/CIA and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey on behalf of the US are really revolutionaries (the RCIT, the most ridiculous pro-imperialists of the lot), although there are definitely no revolutionary leaders, no revolutionary masses and, again definitively, no revolutionary programme.

Others like the LCC CWG say the masses constitute the revolution (how?), that the spirit of the 2011 rising lives on in their hearts – and who would deny that? – but the Sharia law jihadists hold Idlib and the Syrian working class cannot advance without their defeat.

As in Vietnam an outright defeat for US imperialism will be a great progressive thing for the class consciousness of the working class in Syria and globally and in particular in the USA.

It is the duty of all serious revolutionary socialists, i.e. Trotskyists, to actively seek that defeat. Russia and China and Iran and Hezbollah have played a great progressive role in Syria, albeit we are acutely conscious of their efforts to seek a new compromise with US imperialism at the expense of the working class when the war is over, or to finish the war.

But the constant bombing of Assad’s forces by Israel, the failure to ever bomb ISIS and the medical assistance to Al Qaeda in Israel itself and the fully equipped Israeli hospitals discovered in now fallen rebel controlled Southern Syria shows just how bogus a revolution this was and still is.

Charles Rachlis and Dave Bedggood are still flying the Stars and Stripe over Idlib to save the humiliation of Donald Trump.

Charles Rachlis, liked by Dave Bedggood:

“The revolutionary masses have been chased out of every rebel stronghold by the Assdists backed by the Russians and gunned down and bombed to shit by the barrel bombs, the Russians and the Americans air forces, their organizations are in shambles and the faux left ask where are the Bolsheviks or progressives now! These are not unlike the last days of the Paris commune or Stalingrad under fire the slaughter by the fascist forces with the aid of imperialism is imminent and the faux left chooses to abandon the civilians who are holding out because the only organizations one can find on the web don’t meet their orientalist approval. The revolution is bigger than the organizations it’s lifeblood is the masses and they need internationalist solidarity, attention and support now more than ever. The peace Assad offers is the peace of the graveyard. So what dose the mainstream left suggest? That the masses line up against the wall or turn themselves over to the good graces of Assad loyalists and accept their fate?”

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