Contemporary Trotskyism: Parties, Sects and Social Movements in Britain by John Kelly


10/07/2018 by socialistfight

A few thoughts on John Kelly’s Contemporary Trotskyism.

Splits and Fusions

contThe first thing to say about John Kelly’s book is that I hope any future reprint has a better cover picture than the one on the current edition which features lots of balloons from Unison (not a union noted for its radicalism), the red flags of an avowedly anti-Trotskyist “Marxist-Leninist” group and precious few actual Trotskyists- unless those holding the Coalition of Resistance placards can be assumed to be such, rather than simply activists mobilised by their unions or anti-cuts groups.

At best this choice of image leads one to the conclusion that the book is poorly researched and the author does not know his subject, at worst that it is a Daily Mail style expose of Trotskyist infiltration and manipulation.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The book is highly detailed, well researched and written and contains a wealth of details and statistics analysing every facet of the…

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One thought on “Contemporary Trotskyism: Parties, Sects and Social Movements in Britain by John Kelly

  1. Viriato says:

    Well, I supose this is more urgent to be comented than triffles as:
    The elections in Italy
    The government crisis in the UK
    The quasi insurrection in Haiti
    The commercial war between US and China developping before our eyes.
    The rough fight between Trump and Merkel over NATO and arms.
    The Poutine policy in Syria and with the sionist entity, with Iran, with China.

    The Earth planet is shaked by every day new developpements and someones are pointing to the moon.

    Of course every one see through their own lenses, but such a distorted perspective, speaks also loudly about “Parties, sects, etc”.

    If the scope is to re-create a new International, well, treat what is happening in the world, not your own “lovely matters” you cherished. Or change the proportions, I propose 10% for yours criticism and 90% for the real international problems of the working class.

    What is happening in the UK with BRexit or non Brexit, with ministers slaming May’s door, is of a lot more interest for non britons than what is to be said (or re-said, because this has been treated fully in old posts) about insignificants groups and sects.

    What about the commercial dispute (or war) between China and the US?.

    And so on.

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