FCT of Brazil: Defend Socialist Fight

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02/02/2018 by socialistfight

Humberto Rodrigues, for the Frente Comunista dos Trabalhadores


From Brazil, we defend the Socialist Fight against the Witchhunt initiated by David Cameron, of the Conservative Party and continued by its puppets within the Labor Party and the Communist Party of Great Britain

The bourgeoisie and its extreme right unleashed an offensive against the proletariat and its militant vanguard. Despite some significant spasms and major battles momentarily won, for over 40 years the workers have not seized power, expropriated their capitalists and defeated imperialism as they did in Vietnam. In the same process, we lost important positions in the fight against private ownership of the means of production, such as the USSR, Eastern Europe, China, even though they were countries led by despotic bureaucracies. Almost all leftist organizations declined in size from 1980 to now, many have disappeared. Many cadres have been disbanded and have not always been replaced by new militants qualitatively their height.

In this process, Gerry Downing and Socialist Fight are an exception that justifies the rule. Because of its programmatic positions, the small Socialist Fight plays an important role in ideological, theoretical and political resistance against the reaction of the world right and in defence of the world proletariat and the oppressed, Irish, Palestinian, Kurdish, Libyan and Syrian peoples. The Socialist Fight is one of the rare British organizations that has honoured the communist principles taught us by Karl Liebknecht that the main enemy is his own imperialist bourgeoisie, demonstrating this fully in the Falklands War, when as Trotsky claims the defence of oppressed Argentina , under a military dictatorship, against imperialist ‘democratic’ England. In the same vein, the Socialist Fight fights in defence of Irish political prisoners against British imperialism and its partners like the US and Israel who extend colonial policy under the Middle East and the rest of the planet.


For all this, it was not only through a timely indirect attack on Labor that Downing and SF were publicly slandered from the stand of the British Parliament, by none other than Conservative Party Prime Minister David Cameron. The bourgeois ideological reaction pressures, intoxicates and devours those who do not possess the same firmness of Socialist Fight. The bourgeois leadership of Labor, pressured by people like Tony Greenstein and Jack Conrad (of the Communist Party of Great Britain, CPGB), became a right-wing and Zionist transmission belt and expelled the SF from its ranks on January 6th, under the same false accusation of “support for terrorism” and anti-Semitism by Cameron against Downing and valiant internationalist comrades as Ian Donovan.

It is worth mentioning the reason that led the CPGB, the last member of the anti-SF front, to join the witchhunt called by Cameron. This Communist Party began to react to the attacks of reaction not only historically opposes our Trotskyist policy. The CPGB was encouraged to attack SF after the blog of our British section criticized the history of the Russian revolution told by party leader Jack Conrad, who was outraged when we criticised his version of the story that describes Lenin and Trotsky as insignificant to the revolution, for stating that Lenin’s April Theses were not of great importance and that Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution simply did not apply to Russia. At the same time the CPGB leader sought to elevate the importance of Kamenev, Zinoviev and Stalin as central leaders of the Bolshevik takeover. As a good Stalinist, Conrad joins the right to persecute the Trotskyites and save their individual pride and fragile falsification of the history of the Russian Revolution.

We ask: who benefits the hunt initiated by Cameron against SF? To the oppressed peoples of the world, to the workers? the Palestinian cause? the revolutionary unity of the Hebrew, Arab and Palestinian workers? to the 38,000 African workers threatened by Benjamin Netanyahu’s expulsion of Israel at this time? Or the Zionist state, its ally Donald Trump, and the British fascist, right?

We denounce this pro-Zionist witch hunt, the imperialist parties and the petty-bourgeois leaders of the British left, a campaign that uses the same falsifications of Zionism to turn victims and take their opponents down, taking advantage of the historical tragedy suffered by the Hebrew people, to crush with Nazi methods today the Palestinian people and their national aspirations, supported by Trump. We demand of the CPGB and Labour the end of the McCarthy campaign against Socialist Fight militants, their full rehabilitation of labour forums, and the unity of workers and their organizations against imperialism and Zionism.




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