Michael Pröbsting, Priti Patel, Syria and jihadist revolutions

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10/11/2017 by socialistfight

By Gerry Downing

Image result for Priti Patel imagesPriti Patel proposed ‘humanitarian aid’ to the Israeli Defence Forces to help ‘Syrian refugees’ on a visit to the Golan Heights. But her real mission may well have been preparing the war in Lebanon with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Times reported on 8 November that,

“Priti Patel wanted to send British aid money to support an Israeli army programme treating wounded Syrian jihadists, including al-Qaeda fighters, in the occupied Golan Heights. Downing Street confirmed that the international development secretary had asked officials from her department to look into whether public funds could be used to support the work after holding secret meetings with Israeli figures including Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister.”

She was sacked on 9 November ostensibly because of this revelation; Theresa May had accepted an apology for the 12 other secret meeting with Israeli ministers on the 6th.

Two and a half years ago, The Times of Israel told us, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that Israel has been providing aid to Syrian rebels, “Israeli officials have previously balked at confirming on the record that the country has been helping forces that are fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad… Israel has treated over 1,000 wounded Syrians in its hospitals since the onset of the civil war in 2011.” [1] Israel regularly bombs Assad’s Syrian Arab Army and never bombs ISIS/Daesh or Al Qaeda, whose fighters they generously restore to full health and fighting form as a ‘humanitarian’ gesture, as Priti told us. But Michael Pröbsting constantly assures us that is just eyewash; Israel and Trump really support Assad to crush the jihadist ‘revolution’.

Turkey’s dilemma

Furthermore, Turkey is also caught in a bind here. As a NATO member it is tied to the US military alliance, but the USA is arming and funding the Kurdish forces of the PYD/YPG to defeat ISIS before Assad does and Erdogan is absolutely opposed to the Kurdish forces, fearing the break-up of Turkey itself by the Kurdish PKK if the Syrian Kurds establish a state there. Turkey wanted to take Raqqa, as did the SAA, but the USA won that race with the US-backed SDF/YPG.

Image result for beheading a child, Abdullah Tayseer, a Palestinian of 12 years imagesNour al-Din al-Zenki fighter taunting Abdullah Tayseer, a Palestinian child of 12 years, before beheading him on 19 July 2016. These are the ‘revolutionaries’ Michael Pröbsting and the RCIT are supporting in Idlib. 

Erdogan has openly declared his intention to overthrow Assad on several occasions. Turkey invaded northern Syria in Operation Euphrates Shield in August 2016, ostensibly to fight ISIS and the YPG, but in reality, to effect regime change in Syria on his own and behalf also on behalf of the USA. But Russia now stands in the way. Assad dubbed the invasion a, “blatant violation of its sovereignty” and said, “fighting terrorism isn’t done by ousting ISIS and replacing it with other terrorist organisations backed directly by Turkey”. Turkey has allied openly with the Free Syrian Army to assist the invasion but had previously allowed arms and fighters free access across its borders for all jihadists in Syria, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra, rebranded Jabhat Fateh al-Sham since July 2016. From 28 January 2017 a wider coalition, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), has been formed and under that brand, Idlib is defended. It includes the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement. On 19 July 2016 they produced a video showing their fighters mercilessly baiting and then beheading a child, Abdullah Tayseer, a Palestinian of 12 years. It should go without saying that all practice the extreme version of Saudi Jihadism, Wahhabism, and all are or were funded by Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar at some point.

Now there are three main jihadist groups in Syria, ISIS/Daesh, in retreat on all fronts and facing defeat, HTS, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc., and supported by the RCIT as the “most determined fighters for the revolution” and the FSA, now Turkey’s protegee, whom Pröbsting now accuses of being traitors to his ridiculous ‘revolution’. All three were either initiated or funded or assisted in other ways by the USA either directly or covertly via Israel and its Gulf and Turkish and Jordanian allies to effect regime change in Syria. The only reasons the USA began fighting ISIS was a) its appalling social values on show in the mass executions for religious and ethnic reasons which made it impossible to openly support it in a bourgeois democracy and b) in Syria the intervention of Russia, Hezbollah and Iran meant Assad was winning the war and they would be excluded from substantial influence and resources in the region when ISIS and the other jihadists were defeated. Similarly, with Iraq, Iran’s intervention was crucial, and the USA could not allow those forces to win the field alone.

Of course, it is necessary to deny most of this; the USA is, of course ostensibly horrified at the funding of these barbarians by its allies and really does try to persuade them to be a little more discerning in who they sponsor they want us to believe, as we see from the extract here:

“The messages, published by Wikileaks, contain an unambiguous statement by her (Hillary Clinton’s) campaign chairman, John Podesta: “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

Indeed, the former US vice president, Joe Biden, once spoke off-message by accusing Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states of pouring “hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad.” He explained: “The people who were being supplied were al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda, and the extremist elements of jihadis who were coming from other parts of the world … We declared [ISIS] a terrorist group early on. And we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them.” [2]

Only the very gullible and politically naive would believe those protestations.

Michael Pröbsting and the RCIT have a very different outlook:

”There exists not the slightest doubt about the goal of this invasion (attack on Idlib – GD). As the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and other supporters of the Syrian Revolution have warned for a long time, the Assad regime, Russia, Iran and Turkey reached an agreement at their negotiations at Astana in spring this year. This deal comprises the liquidation of the Syrian Revolution, consolidation of Assad’s domination in the country and the establishment of four so-called “de-escalation zones” in those areas which are still under control of the liberation fighters (of which Idlib is the largest and most important). The goal of this plan to disarm and “integrate” (i.e. corrupt) the remaining rebel forces so that they give up the struggle against the Assad dictatorship. Hence the Astana deal includes the occupation of the four zones by Russian, Iranian and Turkish troops which will, sooner or later, ensure the full re-establishment of Assad’s terrorist regime in the whole country.” [3]

It is a truly ridiculous notion that the head-chopping monsters of Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra/Jabhat Fateh al-Sham are “liberation fighters”; how do you “corrupt” such corrupt forces?  As we pointed out in our piece on RCIT: Still USA apologists in Syria on 22/04/2017:

“Of course, we all know that the Syrian “revolution’s” only hope is the support from the USA and its regional allies, it is entirely dependent for its survival and hopes of victory on that and not a single militia in this “revolution” has any other aspiration but that. And every militia sees its victory as some form of an Islamic Sharia law state, eliminating what remains of the sovereignty of Syria and its secular institutions.” [4]

Michael is totally wrong about Turkey’s intentions here. James Snell, in an article in the New Arab, Turkey’s interests in Syria don’t include the people of Idlib, says:

“Instead, a serious confrontation with HTS is unlikely. It is in neither the interests of Turkey and its partners nor HTS. There would undoubtedly be an explosion in violence if the expected conflict was sparked. It would escalate dramatically and could very possibly spiral out of control, hurting each party. Both would lose out and no side could conceivably gain real advantage. The suggestion that HTS is weak in Idlib, which has been voiced by rebels, is not correct. This reality can be seen in how Turkey is acting vis-a-vis the Islamists. Hassan Hassan, a senior fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, tweeted this week that his sources suggest that “an effort to keep things peaceful between Turkey and HTS is so far successful”.

There is the possibility that, if Idlib were reduced to rubble and chaos, the Assad regime could be the sole beneficiary. And this would help no one else – not Turkey and its rebel allies, not HTS, and certainly not the people of Idlib, who have suffered extensively at the hands of the regime and its international backers.” [5]

This is the correct understanding of the Turkish dilemma.  Obsessed with the notion that the jihadists are leading a ‘revolution’ (what kind, socialist? democratic?) Pröbsting ignores the hand of the global hegemonic power and seems incapable of understanding that EVERY bourgeois and petty-bourgeois force here are vying for the support of the USA, some in the short term like the YPG, some in the medium like Turkey, and some in the longer term like Putin and Assad. And the USA is trying to play them off against each other in the hope that they will reverse the blows struck by the defeats of all their proxy forces in the region by the SAA. Asserting that any of them are consistently anti-imperialist is quite wrong, the main anti-imperialist force in the region is Assad’s Syrian Arab Army, because it is fighting imperialism and all its allies and proxies right now, and is obliged to do so for its own survival and the sovereignty of Syria itself, albeit with the non-revolutionary methods of all bourgeois nationalists. To postulate that Turkey is aligned with Assad to destroy this ridiculous jihadist ‘revolution’ is Michael Pröbsting’s world of make-belief.

And here he goes into overdrive

“In the present situation, it is crucial to defend those forces which refuse to capitulate to the pressure of the imperialist powers and their regional allies to lay down their arms and to liquidate the heroic Syrian Revolution. Sharing this spirit of the Palestinian masses, the international workers’ movement and all progressive and democratic forces must also rally to support the Syrian Revolution. They must defend the anti-capitulationist liberation forces which continue the struggle against the Assad regime as well as the Great Powers and their allies. This includes, but is not limited to, the defence of Idlib and the liberation forces deployed there (including HTS) against any assault of the US, Russian or Turkish armies or their local allies.” [6]

This really is too much ignorance:

“What the Syrian Revolution indeed needs is international support – but not by the Western Imperialist Great Powers and their local allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) who are amenable to making a deal with Assad, and who only want to subordinate the Syrian masses and carve up the country!” [7]

 So, although Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar do fight Assad via their proxies (what about the US?) they do not do it like the true jihadist revolutionaries. So, we must suppose that, although, on the right side of the barriers, they are only half-hearted revolutionaries. Unlike the real jihadist revolutionaries of the HTS.

Image result for SAA Battle for Deir Ezzor imagesDeir Ezzor airport, seen here in 2013, has been a key location for battles throughout the Syrian civil war, AFP/Getty Images. Undoubtedly the SAA would have taken this target many months ago instead of on the 4 November 2017 if the USA had not bombed them and to assist the ISIS and gain time for its Kurdish allies, SDF/YPG, to take the neighbouring oil fields for the US transnationals. 

SAA and US-backed SDF/YPG race for the oilfields

Now the Syrian Arab Army is vying with the US-backed forces for the oilfields around Deir Azzor (Az-zor, Ezzor), although the SAA took the town itself on 4 November. The Euphrates Valley holds the best of Syria’s farmland and the oil fields, the real prize.  On 10 November AMN’s Leith Fadel reported that:

“the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are racing along the western and eastern banks of the Euphrates River in an effort to capture the last oil fields under Islamic State (ISIS) control in the Deir Ezzor Governorate. Recently, the SDF and SAA both scored important advances in Deir Ezzor, seizing the Islamic State’s two largest strongholds in Deir Ezzor. While the SDF has the advantage because of their positions along the eastern bank of the Euphrates, the Syrian Army and their allies will attempt to speed up their assault from Albukamal and Al-Mayadeen in order to beat the US backed forces there.”[8]

The USA was already organising its transnationals to take control and exploit these oil fields. Over a year ago, in September 2017, the USA made a determined effort to win that race by directly attacking the SAA. No less than 37 US air strikes killed between 90 and 106 Syrian Army soldiers and wounded 110 more. This was not the first ‘mistake’ made by the US in bombing the SAA which directly assisted ISIS, whom they hypocritically asserted was their real target. On 6 December 2015, the US bombed a Syrian Arab Army base at Deir Ezzor reportedly killing 4, wounding 13 and eliminating 2 tanks. US officials lied that the bombing was a mistake by Russians, but ISIS attacked in concert immediately. In April 2017 Trump launched 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at a Syrian airfield following the false flag “sarin gas” attack.

On 18 May 2017 the US bombed the Syrian Arab Army close to At Tanf, on the Jordanian border, where US and UK special forces are training “Syrian rebels” to fight against ISIS, allegedly. The US bombed the Syrian army in al-Tanf again on 6 June as it desperately sought to prevent the SAA from advancing to the Iraqi border and opening up a direct route for Iran to the Mediterranean. They claimed to have destroyed or damaged all Syrian armoured vehicles. The Mina blog reported:

“The US claims the Syrians were within 55 kilometers of the US base at al-Tanf, Syria which made them a fair target. But the 55 kilometer exclusion zone is a unilateral American invention. It has no grounding in law or common sense. What is worse—as the US air force was bombing the Syrian army—US-backed rebels were bragging about attacking Syrian forces sitting just outside the 55 kilometer perimeter with their artillery. For some reason the unilaterally-proclaimed “deconfliction zone” cuts only one way — the Syrian army may not drive past it, but the CIA-backed rebels may come as close to the government forces as they please.” [9]

Russia complained bitterly but was ignored. The US claimed responsibility for these attacks, alleging they had a right to protect its Syrian “rebels”. Russia said the September raids were intentional and it resulted in a breakdown in relations with the US and an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting.

But by August CNN was reporting:

“Assad and his allies realize that the best way to undermine the coalition campaign in Syria is to target the local Syrian partners that the coalition is working by, with, and through,” Nick Heras, a fellow at the Center for New American Security who focuses on Middle Eastern security, told CNN. “Some of the Syrian fighters at the Tanf garrison have decided to cut the best deal with Assad now, and be part of his armies, rather than to fight with the Americans, be labeled as ‘traitors,’ by the regime, and then have to deal with Assad’s wrath,” Heras added. [10]

It was these US air strikes that finally persuaded Russia to recapture East Aleppo, which was liberated from the jihadists in December 2016.  Wikipedia reported:

“The dispute led to an end of U.S.-Russian bilateral peace talks on Syria. Russia used the air raid to justify enhancing its missile air defenses in Syria and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry would go on to claim that the breakdown of the ceasefire helped lead to the eventual capture of rebel-held East Aleppo by Syrian government forces. The attack also led to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which was besieging the Syrian-government held city of Deir ez-Zor, capturing multiple strategic points around the Deir ez-Zor airport.” [11]

SyriaMilitary10-10-17A quick glance at this map shows how important Israeli, Jordanian, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish support for the jihadists is.

A similar situation arose over the fall of Mosel. The Kurdish Peshmerga was supplied with arms, air cover and training by the USA, as were the Iraqi Army itself. However, a crucial adjunct of that army was the Iranian militias, Shia Muslims and loyal to Teheran.  Mosul was largely Sunni, hence its support for ISIS against the very sectarian Iraqi and Iranian militias, the latter also an adjunct of the Iraqi army proper. ISIS fighters always surrendered to the Kurdish militias, not to the Shia militias because they correctly feared revenge massacres towns that fell to them like Tikrit in March 2015 and Fallujah in May 2016. However, the People’s Mobilization now contains up to 40,000 Sunnis out of a maximum estimate of 120,000 and was formed upon a non-sectarian fatwa by the Iraqi top Shia cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Sistani has a long record of fighting against sectarian strife going back to the first and second sieges of Fallujah in 2004 against the US occupiers.

On 25 September, a week before the Catalan referendum, the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held a referendum in all territory it controlled, including in the disputed regions outside the autonomous area it held as a consequence of the ISIS offensive of June 2014. The disputed regions were Kirkuk, Makhmour, Sinjar and Khanaqin which controlled the major Iraqi oil fields. Arrangements up to then were that the Kurdish autonomous regions would get a proportion of the oil revenue; now they had 100% and that made for the referendum’s 93% support. However, they lost 100% this revenue with the fall of Kirkuk to the Iraqi army on 15 October and Masoud Barzani, the most supine of the US/Zionists Kurdish leaders, announced his resignation on 29 October 2017 to enable discussions to be opened with Bagdad, as they needed restoration of a portion (17%) of that oil revenue.

Masoud Barzani, President of the KRG and leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) castigated the Talibani family-dominated Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for withdrawing from Kirkuk and other regions and allowing in the Iraqi troops enter the city of Kirkuk in a Tuesday statement. Barzani is the leader of the rival Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Barzani and Talabani had fought each other in the Kurdish Civil War from 1994 to 1998, Talabani leading other Kurdish forces from Syria and Turkey, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK, the United States and Iran after 1996. Barzani sought the assistance of Saddam after suffering defeats at the hands of the PUK but the US then switched sides and launched 27 cruise missiles at Iraqi forces to prevent Iraq taking over the Kurdish regions, which they wanted to control in alliance with Israel. Barzani had the support of Turkey, Saddam Hussain in Iraq, Iran (until 1996), the Iranian Kurdish forces (the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, PDKI), the USA (before 1996) and Israel. Both Kurdish factions assisted the USA in the 2003 invasion of Iraq in return for its protection in guaranteeing their autonomy.

Israel was the first state to endorse the referendum and an independent Kurdistan, Netanyahu said that Israel “supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state”. Iran’s Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the United States of ″seeking to create a new Israel in the region″ by supporting the Kurdish independence vote. The US, in seeking to balance between Turkish and Israeli interests in the region, sent mixed messages. Turkey opposed the referendum and bombed PKK bases in the mountains of north-west Iraqi Kurdistan in early November 2017, as it has done several times in recent years.

Marxists support the right to self-determination of all the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey in a single state but do not advocate it in the present circumstances where the only beneficiaries would be imperialist and Zionist and the creation of puppet states with puppet leaders in hock to US and EU transnational corporations like Exxon Mobil Corporation, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, BP plc, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Total S.A.

The real significance of Priti Patel’s secret negotiations

But Priti Patel’s secret negotiations have a far more serious and dangerous significance and it is still unclear if the Israelis are correct and they were not unauthorised after all. Israel and Saudi Arabia are alarmed at the success of Assad’s SAA and the emergence of Russian Iranian power in the region and have hatched a plot to reverse this by war if necessary, beginning in the Lebanon. It is clear that the intention is to relaunch the Lebanon Civil War, 1975 to 1990 which left 120,000 dead. 
We saw the first indications of this with the Saudi attempts to isolate Qatar and force it to break economic and political relations with Iran. This involved Israel (covertly for now), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Bahrein and the Maldives on the one side and Iran, Turkey, Syria, Hezbollah, and Russia on the other. The real target here is Iran. But the question was could Turkey and Russia remain aloof whilst the US asserts its total power in the region? That is still the question now as the situation escalates.

On 4 September, 5 days before Priti was sacked by Theresa May, Israel began a giant military drill on the Lebanon border, the biggest in 20 years. The drill ran for 10 days until 14 September and involved thousands of ground, sea and air forces, to prepare soldiers for “preserving the current stability in the northern sector.” There is no doubt that the target is Hezbollah, which defeated the IDF twice, in 2000 and 2006, and remains so important to Assad’s success in Syria.  It is clear now that this drill was executed as part of a war plan with Saudi Arabia which the USA and Britain, possibly via Ms. Patel, were directing.

Image result for Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri  imagesPope Francis receives Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his wife Lara Bashir El Alzem in a private audience at the Apostolic Palace on October 13, 2017, in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis will name seven new Saints in a canonisation ceremony at Vatican on Sunday, 15th October.

On 4 November Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri issued a resignation statement from Riyadh; his life was in danger, he claimed:

“Iran controls the region and the decision-making in both Syria and Iraq,” he said. “I want to tell Iran and its followers that it will lose in its interventions in the internal affairs of Arab countries.”

Iran credibly claimed that, “The resignation was aimed at creating tension in Lebanon and the region. This resignation was also meant to compensate the US for its failures after the defeat of the Daesh (ISIS).”

Hariri, who has dual Saudi/Lebanese citizenship, leads the liberal (relatively) Future Movement which is part of the March 14 Alliance that includes Christians associated with the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb parties. He has supported the Syrian rebels in the past, which prompted Syria to issue an arrest warrant for him as a terrorist supporter. Most of its base is made up of Sunni Muslims. It is the government with a parliamentary majority.

The main opponent of Future Movement is the March 8 Alliance, most important parts being Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) led by General Michel Aoun and the Shia Hezbollah and Amal Movements. [12] This a list of Ministers in the March 8 Alliance: Amal Movement (2) Hezbollah (2) Free Patriotic Movement (2) Marada Movement (1) Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Tashnag) (1). The March 14 Alliance also has 8 ministers and so has the Independents, making up a national government.  Aoun is the President and a Maronite Christian whose alliance with Hezbollah and Hariri, despite their support for the Syrian rebels, has held the government and country together in recent times, initially with the support of the Saudis, now withdrawn. Obviously, the complicated constitution, unfinished business from the Civil War, could now unravel at the instigation of the Saudis and the USA/Israeli block. Priti Patel was undoubtedly informed of all these details in the 12 or 14 meetings with the Israelis. Militarily Hezbollah is stronger and far more battle-hardened than the Lebanese national army, and is often referred to as a “state within a state”.

Saad Hariri was reportedly arrested as soon as his jet touched down at Riyadh on 3 November, Saudi policemen surrounding the plane, boarded it and confiscated all mobile phones. They took him off and obviously wrote his resignation statement and forced him to deliver it. He is still being held incommunicado by the Saudis, but he was shuttled to Abu Dhabi on 7 November to meet Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. The apparent kidnapping of the Lebanese head of state –  it is still not clear whether he is a willing or unwilling participant in this affair – is part of the war plans of the USA.

Central to this also is the situation in Yemen, the merciless bombarding and starving by blockade of the civilian population, funded and organised by Britain and the US to defeat the Houthi rebels, Iran allies and fellow Shia coreligionists. The Independent reported on 8 November that:

The number of British-made bombs and missiles sold to Saudi Arabia since the start of its bloody campaign in Yemen has risen by almost 500 percent, The Independent can reveal. More than £4.6bn of arms were sold in the first two years of bombings, with the Government grant increasing numbers of export licences despite mounting evidence of war crimes and massacres at hospitals, schools and weddings. The United Nations says air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition are the main cause of almost 5,295 civilian deaths and 8,873 casualties confirmed so far, warning that the real figure is “likely to be far higher”. [13]

President Marcon of France is also involved, the BBC reported on 9 November, making a surprise visit on 10 November to Riyadh. They reported that Macron discussed the war in Yemen but undoubtedly the main topic was Lebanon. France is the former colonial power and still has major interests there. Also, France is a strong supporter of the 2015 Obama nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump has repudiated with the backing of the Saudis.   Macron said on 9 November that he had had informal contact with Mr Hariri. France’s foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said France believed Mr. Hariri was able to move freely.

Macron said that he had heard “very harsh opinions” on Iran from Saudi Arabia, which did not match his own view. “It is important to speak with everyone,” he added. On 9 September, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies told their citizens in Lebanon to leave the country immediately. It came after Riyadh accused Iran of “direct military aggression”, saying it supplied a missile which it says was fired by Hezbollah at Riyadh from Yemen on Saturday.  [14]


That is the political situation in the Middle East right now. Contrary to Michael Pröbsting and the RCIT there is no “revolution”, socialist, democratic or any other kind, in train led by the jihadist head choppers of the HTS in Idlib. But there is a real attempt by the USA to assert its financial, political and military domination over the whole region via is proxies in Syria and its allies in the Gulf, Turkey, and Lebanon. The collapse of ISIS and the looming victory of Assad, Iran, and Russia over all the imperialist proxies, past and present, has driven Trump to organise a war plan via its main allies in the region, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. We are for the defeat of that plan as the pre-condition for developing a revolutionary socialist current in that whole region that puts the class politics of anti-imperialism in the first place and on that basis, works out a strategy and tactics to overthrow capitalism there as part of the world revolution. 

Certainly, we can definitely assert that no political current like the RCIT, whose propaganda comes down to standing with Priti Patel and US imperialism in this region deserves and will get support from sincere revolutionary socialists. A perspective of Permanent Revolution presupposes you are for the defeat of your own imperialist ruling class in all its wars.


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