RCIT: Still USA apologists in Syria


22/04/2017 by socialistfight

Of course we all know that the Syrian “revolution’s” only hope is the support from the USA and its regional allies, it is entirely dependent for its survival and hopes of victory on that and not a single militia in this “revolution” has any other aspiration but that. And every militia sees its victory as some form of an Islamic Sharia law state, eliminating what remains of the sovereignty of Syria and its secular institutions.


Of course we must have no illusions in Assad or Putin and we should not attempt in any way to apologise for these governments but they are not the main enemy of humanity, they are not the warmongering hegemonic imperialist power seeking domination of the planet, they are imperialism’s intended victims.


The apology for western imperialism contained in this post, the attempt to defend the immediate capitulation of Michael Pröbsting to imperialist propaganda without proof by a pseudo scientific defence of the Sarin gas very obvious bogus story is merely a left version of USA led imperialist propaganda. It arrives at exactly the same conclusions all on the perfectly nutty notion of a genuine revolution with no revolutionary programme, no revolutionary leadership and no revolutionary masses. It is now very obviously Donald Trump’s revolution.


And note how the elementary Marxist principle that in all wars waged by imperialism the main enemy is at home is evaded. Even if it were true that Russia (and China elsewhere) were imperialist powers (which they are not) then it would be incumbent on us to seek the defeat of our own imperialists and their allies in this proxy war in Syria.


But the RCIT manages to escape this Marxist principle also. The Syrian jihadists are waging this revolution, of a vague and indeterminate character, and, as Assad and Russia are its main enemies, they are ours also. But isn’t this really too supportive of the USA and its allies?


Ah no, you see Uncle Sam, the EU and Israel are really in a covert agreement with Assad and Russia to defeat the revolutionary proletariat of Syria, although it DOES NOT SEEM SO. Nutty and all as the argument is it proposed that Israeli and US bombing of the Syrian Arab Army is just a cover for their real intentions of assisting them.


“Why don’t they give those militias proper anti aircraft weaponry, why don’t they give them more and better guns and bombs if they are really supporting our “revolution” so the argument goes; “they are just kidding on that they are opposed to Assad”.


The real trust of this argument, which we previously heard in Bosnia and Kosovo, is a shamefaced way to demand all out imperialist bombing of Syria, like the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 in the name of a “revolution”.


This is the best piece:


“What the Syrian Revolution indeed needs is international support – but not by the Western imperialist Great Powers and their local allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) who are amenable to making a deal with Assad, and who only want to subordinate the Syrian masses and carve up the country!”


And that is such a false flag pie-in-the-sky argument that is difficult to credit that they believe it themselves.


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