The “Moderate Rebel” Torture Chambers of East Aleppo


07/02/2017 by socialistfight

Vanessa Beeley on the Free Syrian Army.

The Wall Will Fall

13th January 2017

Afraa Dagher
Syrian News

The western media always tries to discriminate FSA from ISIS, calling the first “moderates” as if they were any different than “ISIS” in terms of degrading secular Syria into a theocratic state, using all forms of barbarism and atrocities. 

The video below is of a woman who survived life in FSA-controlled eastern neighborhood of Aleppo, telling her personal story, after her neighborhood was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.  It should convince its viewers that FSA “jihadists” are the same, and even worse, than those horrific acts of “ISIS.”

The life under the so-called moderate rebels in the eastern neighborhoods occupied by NATO armed and funded savages was not one of freedom, despite reports from CNN and others.  These were the monsters that UN Spec Stefan de Mistura wanted my country to grant autonomy to, after he ostentatiously offered himself as human shield…

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2 thoughts on “The “Moderate Rebel” Torture Chambers of East Aleppo

  1. Really delusional post. Beeley presents fake news for Assad and imperialism. There are revolutionary masses fighting the regime. To believe that millions are on the payroll of the cia is delusional.for you, the masses have no role in history. All are stupid and manipulated by big players. Imperialism created a Fly zone to mow down the masses.This is what you support.


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