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12/02/2016 by socialistfight

So truth against the lies if the mass media, the imperialist politicians, and, pathetically, their stooges on the left. Some if these parade as ‘far left’ and ‘Trotskyists’ FFS.

The Wall Will Fall

11th February 2016

Another report directly from Aleppo, countering the escalating US NATO propaganda.

“President Assad is not exterminating his people. I’m still alive, and no one said a word to me. If something bad happened to me in the near future, it would be because of the terrorists’ policy of extermination. I’m living happily because there are Syrian soldiers who are defending us in hot summers and cold winters. The UN is lying as usual in their reports about Aleppo and Syria in general.”

“It’s a new wave of propaganda that we have to face in Syria. Everything over here is way better than before. The Syrian Army and its allies are doing so well in Aleppo province (the city is still waiting though). I’m afraid though that the ‘zombies’ [means ISIS and their supporters -ed]of this world will take advantage of these lies and propaganda to ‘justify’ their…

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