Syrian Observatory and Syrian Network of Human Rights – A UK Hoax

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20/12/2015 by socialistfight

Source: Syrian Observatory and Syrian Network of Human Rights – A UK Hoax

For those who wondered where all those statistics about Syria come from that thewestern media and deluded leftists like to quote here it is:

The US comprises 80% of all coalition strikes to date. Civilian casualties are estimated to be from 450 to over 200,000. More than half of all claims that US strikes resulted in any civilian casualties were dismissed as baseless.  Phhhyt – gone.

There are now two organizations claiming to have boots on the ground knowledge of every airstrike, every casualty, every name, all knowledge of the events in Syria: Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, and Syrian Network of Human Rights. Both claim to have begun their business as of 2011. Both are based in the UK. The Observatory receives funding from Soros Open Society, the NED (another Soros manufacture), and the BBC World Service Trust. The BBC Trust has come under scrutiny for it’s questionable spending practices. As a charity, it’s funding comes predominantly from the UN, the European Union and Bill Gates.

Despite claims that The Syrian Network of Human Rights has existed since 2011, observance as a source of information was not marketed until sometime in 2013. And while it claims to have dozens of activists and researchers, and hundreds of members, its website names no one.  In fact, it picks up its stories from other sites.  The founder, Mousab Azzawi, and the onemanshow of the Syrian Observatory, AbdulRahman ( alias for Osama Ali Suleiman), have exchanged fierce barbs each claiming the other is a sham. Abdulrahman, originally of Finnish nationality, was on the board of UK Consulting Centre, LTD for a little over one month in 2008, while Mr. Azzawi is currently listed as this company’s Director.  In addition, Azzawi was listed as a Trustee of the Syrian Observatory in 2012, a tangled web indeed!


The UK Consulting Centre LTD. is listed as an adult education and training center with about 12k pounds in assets. I guess it’s not a lucrative business despite profit being their business training model???   Dr. Azzawi is a pathologist. Really?  The company has two uniquely different websites offering two distinct services both created in 2013.  Neither man would seem to have any background on Syria.  No education to qualify them as human rights promoters, and no history prior to 2013.  A pathologist training and educating businesses to succeed, is a very odd career path to be sure…

Using these two organizations as our source of information from Syria, when they are obviously disinformation fronts created by the UK intelligence, hardly does justice to journalism, news, or the media, much less the conspiracy of the government involved in disinformation.  And for mainstream media outlets to continually use these men as their source of information is a grave voice that distinguishes Puppets from Truth.


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