An Open Letter to the Disappointed Blairites (Mark 2)

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07/11/2015 by socialistfight

Excellent polemical letter. The class struggle wage large.

Turning the Tide

Dear Disappointed Blairites


It is with a heavy heart we find ourselves compelled to write to you again.

When we wrote our first letter it was with a certain degree of hope you had respect for democracy, and optimism you would eventually come to accept the decision of hundreds of thousands of true and honest Labour members and supporters. While some of you have been constructive rather than destructive, overall that hope is rapidly waning.

On an almost daily basis, we wake up to read yet another wave of anonymous briefings in the press – usually in the vein of, ‘oh woe is us, when can we rid ourselves of Corbyn and his crazy lefty team, what is the perfect timing?’ etc. Sometimes you put your names to these remarks. For instance, Tristram Hunt recently told a bunch of uni students Labour is in the shit. Classy. Today, a number of gloating…

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