Socialist Fight Group Second Conference and Public Meeting

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22/02/2015 by socialistfight


Socialist Fight Group Second Conference
Saturday 11 April 2015, Calthorpe Arms 252 Grays Inn Road,
London, WC1X 8JR, Kings Cross underground, No 46 Bus towards City Of London, 4 stops.
Agenda Day 1: Sat. 11 April 11am, (open sessions unless stated)
International Perspectives: 11am—6pm
Session 1: 11.10 am—1pm Imperialism Today: Ukraine, Greece, ISIS, Kurdistan and Cuba;
Reading: LCFI statements collected in new IDOT 11
1 —2pm Lunch.
Session 2: 2—4pm: History of the Fourth International and Communism: J. P Cannon, Gerry Healy, James Robertson and the “Spart family”, Ted Grant CWI and IMT, Workers Power and LFI.
Reading IDOT Numbers 1, 7,8, 10 (new OC and GD: Revolutionary Communism: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin or Mao?) and 12. (IDOT 12 to contain LH’s documents on the history of the FI)
4—4.20 pm Coffee break
Session 3: 4.20-6.30 pm: Continue History of FI + The Marxist Theory of the State, The Continuity of Trotskyism.
Reading: IDOT Numbers 6, 9 and 12. (IDOT 12 to contain LH’s documents on the history of the FI)
Sunday 12 April: British Perspectives (change of venue)
Session 1: 10-12 Noon
Trade Unions and the labour movement, Grass Roots Left, Labour party, LRC, Bolshie Youth – Youth Perspectives
Lunch 12 -1pm
Session 2: 1 to 3pm: Economic and political crisis in Ireland, Campaigns: Irish Republican Prisoners Support Group, Mumia Abu Jamal, Housing, Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
Closed Session 3: 1-3pm Constitution, Where We Stand, Election of CC and SF Editorial board, International Conference in London in July. AOB.

Socialist Fight Public Meeting:
Imperialism today, what it is and how to fight the threat of WWIII and fascism:
Are Russia and China Imperialist? the international political nature of the struggle in Ireland, north and south, what is the Anti Imperialist United Front, what is the difference between the United Front and the Popular Front domestically and internationally?
Saturday 11 April, 7.30 pm – 10 pm, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London.
Latief Parker, Critique journal Editorial Board and former militant of the Unity Movement, South Africa
John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy, Ireland.
HaPe Breitman, International Bolshevik Tendency
Michael Pröbsting, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency
Bridget Dunne, Secretary, Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU)
Gerry Downing Secretary Socialist Fight Group
Chair: Ollie Coxhead Socialist Fight

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