Brent Trades Union Council Public Meeting Stop the race to the bottom!


23/04/2013 by socialistfight

Brent CrossBrent Trades Union Council:
Public Meeting: Stop the race to the bottom!

Reject the new contracts, stop the sackings!
Two local activists on Metroline buses have been sacked recently. Both were sacked on trivial complaints from passengers that in the past would have resulted in a reprimand at worst.

These sackings come in the middle of an attempt to impose new contracts. The company was forced to withdraw them after the two sacked drivers led the opposition to them. These attacks are part of the management’s attempt to lower pay by dismissing established drivers and employing new starters on lower rates. This means no one is safe.

As London busworkers we know we can bring the management to heel. We know how quickly they conceded the Olympic bonus when we took one days strike. Come to the meeting to discuss how we can begin to organise the fightback.

One thought on “Brent Trades Union Council Public Meeting Stop the race to the bottom!

  1. Dear Gerry
    I received news of your sacking in a circular from Waltham Forest Trades Council. Can I take this opportunity to express my solidarity. I know we did not see eye to eye on a number of issues, but I hope that was within a comradely discussion. It is sad, although not a surprise that the spirit of Pat Mahon still lives on on the UNITE bureaucracy despite his departure to become (as a quick Google of his name discovered) General Manager Operations at Go-Ahead London. I wish you well in your fight for re-instatement.
    Best wishes
    Steve Cushion
    Branch Secretary, UCU London Retired Members


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