Message from Martin Óg Meehan, Republican Network for Unity

10/04/2013 by socialistfight

Firstly though, I’d like to briefly outline who RNU are;
We were established in 2007, we are a revolutionary republican organisation, committed to building a capable revolutionary alternative to the failed politics of constitutional nationalism and with a view to securing National Liberation & Socialism for Ireland. We hope to carry out this task in the spirit of International solidarity with other like-minded struggles, recognising that true freedom cannot exist in one country alone.

The Republican Network for Unity are committed to seven core principles, which I will outline below…..
RNU believe in the right of Ireland to National Self-Determination is absolute, as recognised by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514. We believe in the struggle for National Liberation, Territorial, Social and Economic Freedom are elements of equal importance. Therefore, the National & Class Struggles are intertwined and inseparable. Our Struggle is also international. We advocate acting in solidarity with other Anti-Imperialist and Socialist Campaigns World-wide.

It is the duty of the Irish Socialist Republic to provide Social, Solidarity, Co-Operation and Care, from the cradle to the grave. We must participate in the everyday struggles of the Working-Class regardless of ethnic, cultural, sexual or religious differences. Fundamental to RNU’s struggle is the liberation of the Working-Class by the Working-Class and the key to that process is self-empowerment through struggle.

RNU’s POW Department is called Cogús, an Irish word which means conscience. Our Network view Political Prisoners held in Maghaberry and Portlaoise Gaols as our conscience. We help support those prisoners in every way we can, by highlighting the injustices they suffer. Cogús played a central role in negotiations which led to the 2010 Agreement that the British destroyed and left POWs’ with no choice but to engage in an 18 month-long Dirty-Protest. Throughout this period, Cogús continued to campaign on behalf of Political Prisoners with Marches, Pickets and Direct-Action against the so-called Justice Minister in the North. The oppressive Prison Regime includes forced Strip-Searching, Beatings, Sectarian Intimidation and Harassment. Regardless of whatever Regime Irish Political Prisoners are held in Cogús will continue to support them and their families on the outside and we are proud to do so!

RNU and Cogús demand the immediate release of Interned Prisoners, Marian Price and Martin Corey both of who have already served lengthy terms of imprisonment at the behest of the British Government. We also call for an end to Internment by Remand, where scores of Republican Prisoners are held for over three years, continuously refused Bail, before appearing at a Diplock Trial. These Trials are still without Juries, are named after the Law Lord Diplock who introduced them in 1973. Theses draconian and unjust Trials must also end as they abuse the most basic of Human Rights.

Finally, RNU have asked me to express our solidarity with Mohamed Hamid, his Daughter Cass is a shining example to all Anti-Imperialist Activists fighting for justice. We also send comradely greetings to Counihan-Sanchez, Tamil, Palestinian and Basque POWs. If our group can help your Campaigns in anyway, please let us know and we’ll do our best..After all, a broader-based International response to Imperialist abuses around the world will be much more effective.RNU

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