Sartre and Marxism

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06/12/2021 by socialistfight

Needs rereading and study in the light of the letter from Rene Gimpel against Gerry Downing’s views on Sartre.

Socialist Fight

 or How Jean-Paul Sartre tried and failed to become a Marxist

By Ella Downing, May 2008

The extended essay is submitted in partial fulfilment of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

Image result for Sartre imagesJean-Paul Sartre was the first person to turn down the Nobel Prize for literature


Sartre claims to have becomes a Marxist towards the end of his career, claiming in his Critique of Dialectical Reason (1960) and Search for a Method (1962) that to have reconciled his Existentialism with Marxism. By considering Sartre’s early work, this essay deals with two basic problems which might contradict this statement. Firstly, his reasoning is not sufficiently Dialectical, rejecting the nothing of synthesis. Any attempt to reconcile his approach with either the Hegelian or Marxist Dialectic is therefore futile. Secondly, his depiction of ‘self’ and privileged position of the individual in his philosophy is arguably non-Materialist and therefore at odds with Marxism…

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