Israel’s slaughter of the Palestinians

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23/10/2021 by socialistfight

Israel’s slaughter of the Palestinians: “Is there any one amongst you dare to blame it on the kids?” By Angela J Byrne

FOR AN APPRECIATION of the history from 2008 to 2020 see the UN graph. OCHA, which stands for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, coordinates emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises.

For the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) its report, Protection of Civilians Report, 21 September – 4 October 2021, makes grim reading:

“Israeli forces killed a total of 9 Palestinians in those two weeks and wounded 328. No Israeli soldier or civilian was killed but 2 were wounded. The yearly totals are even more shocking. In 2021 The UN and Human Rights Watch reported that, as a result of the Israeli blitzkrieg in May, 260 Palestinians had been killed in the whole year, half of them (129) civilians including 66 children and 40 women. 1 Israeli soldier was killed in the oPt and 14 in Israel itself. The reports details:

“Israeli forces shot and killed six Palestinians, including a boy, in incidents of exchange of fire in the West Bank. On 26 September, three Palestinians were killed in Beit ‘Anan village (Jerusalem) and two others (including a 16-year-old child) in Birqin village (Jenin), during exchanges of fire between Palestinians and Israeli forces. Also, in Birqin on 30 September, a Palestinian was killed in an exchange of fire in another search-and-arrest operation.

“Israeli forces shot and killed another three Palestinians, including a woman, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. On 24 September, a Palestinian protester was shot and killed during the ongoing protests in Beita village (Nablus) against the establishment of a settlement outpost. On 30 September, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian woman, aged 30, alleging that she had tried to stab Israeli police officers, at one of the gates leading to the Al Aqsa Mosque/Temple Mount; no Israeli injury was reported.

One Palestinian in Gaza was shot and killed by Israeli forces on 30 September in the Deir al Balah area, while reportedly hunting birds near the Israeli fence around Gaza.”

Note here that OCHA, as a ‘responsible’ UN body, reports these Palestinian deaths as a result of an “exchange of fire”. Initially this seems heartening; the Palestinians are learning to fight back! But we see that in this whole period no Israeli soldier was killed so these “exchanges of fire” were remarkably one-sided.

We would suggest they are the same as the “exchange of fire” that occurred in Bloody Sunday in Derry on 30 January 1972 when, in the words of the John Lennon song, “Is there any one amongst you, dare to blame it on the kids? Not a soldier boy was bleeding, when they nailed the coffin lids!”

But hold on. We learn that “two Israeli soldiers were wounded by ‘friendly fire’ in the latter village (Birqin)”. And “another 59 Palestinians, as well as two Israeli soldiers, were injured when Israeli civilians accompanied by Israeli forces entered Nablus to pray at Joseph’s Tomb, during which Palestinians threw stones and home-made explosives, and Israeli forces shot teargas canisters and rubber bullets.”

On April 10, 2018, Israel verified a video of a sniper shooting a Palestinian on the Gaza border. The IDF sniper shoots the Palestinian during peaceful protests and on seeing the man fall all the snipers cheer wildly and give high-fives. Of course, they did not know if he was injured or killed. As it turned out he was only shot in the leg and so is perhaps, ‘only’ disabled.

As a footnote on the OCHA we note that Ireland, Sweden, and Estonia are by far its biggest funders by populations size. No wonder the Zionists accuse them all of being antisemitic! ▲

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