UFCLP Statement on the Storming of the Congress: Don’t be Shocked, Organize! Workers’ United Front against Fascism!


17/02/2021 by socialistfight

Fascists marching with a Dixie flag into the Capitol, Washington DC

Fascist Trump supporters demanded that Trump be declared president again, even though he lost the popular vote. An all-white regiment of men armed to their teeth marched into DC and stormed Congress to stage an outright coup. The photos taken from the scene of the crime speak volumes. The aggressors meant business; they were carrying automatic guns, ropes and handcuffs to take hostages, and Dixie flags with “Trump is President” inscriptions. There are also photos of the police opening the gate and encircling the gunmen to protect them against… arrests by other policemen!

Within a few hours of the siege on Congress, right-wing paramilitary gangs in other states such as Oregon and Kansas took it to the streets. There is no way that the FBI and other security agencies were oblivious to plans of violence by the Facists on a mass scale. They allowed it to happen nonetheless. There is no question that Black Lives Matter protesters, leftists, workers, or people of color organizations would have been shot dead for much less havoc! Events in both DC and around the country point to a synchronized, tightly-knit organization by the fascists, in tandem with the police.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone. The pandemic combined with Trump’s racist rhetoric and policies has untethered the vile racism that has existed in this country since its inception. The US is based on both the genocide of the indigenous population and upon slavery. Capitalist politics has pit one ethnic group against the other for years, driving down the wages of all workers. US imperialism has uprooted workers internationally, especially from Latin America, and forced them to migrate to the states. This has added fuel to the fire for these racist thugs. Trump speaks hatefully about the oppressed while his actions continue to widen racial divisions within the working class. These tensions can only result in racist violence. We should not have been surprised. In fact many of us, especially revolutionaries, have predicted this for years.

For the last few months, the UFCLP has warned against the violence unleashed both by the police and by the paramilitary gangs against protesters who demand justice for the victims of police terror. We called attention to the increasingly organized nature of the so-called “counter-protests” called for by white supremacists. We demanded that the Left and the organized working class form United Fronts and Public Safety Committees. When the Republicans seemed to be retreating in the face of the slim Democrat victory, we pointed out that this concession was a tactic to buy time and whip up support. Our warnings didn’t come out of the blue but from careful observation of Trump’s tactics and actions. Throughout the summer, Trump did everything in his power to put down the anti-racist popular revolt and steal the election. He deposed the Commander of the Armed Forces when the latter refused to deploy troops against the people in revolt. Trump’s threats to overturn the election and stay in power no matter what the results dictated were commonplace. Today, we are witnessing their culmination! This is not the ordinary racist “mob” that this country is unfortunately used to. This is an organized fascist attack.

The trade union leadership has been missing in action, allowing the capitalist politicians, both Democrat and Republican, to follow the lead of their bosses, permitting Trump to become leader of the “free” world. Trump did not just appear from thin air. The ground has been laid for him for more than four decades.  By the 1970s working class people began to take a hit: outsourcing became the lynchpin of capitalist development, privatization of public services held sway, and many workers were barely able to hold on to their jobs. At the same time, the Southern Strategy was employed, pitting white working class people against workers of color. The union leadership took no stand against the cuts. In fact, when air traffic controllers went on strike in 1981, the workers were left high and dry by the bureaucrats who refused to call for a general strike to support them. Capitulations like this eventually threw white workers into the clutches of a demagogue like Trump. Nonetheless, the trade union so-called leaders have been supporting Democrats who have time and again demonstrated that are as anti-worker as the Republicans. We are still asked to put our faith in the police who are the same goons that shoot Black people daily. The chickens are now coming home to roost! THIS OUTBURST WAS INEVITABLE!

We shouldn’t harbor any illusions that the Democrats will come to our rescue, for they are unwilling to fight even for their democratically won election. Today’s events proved irrefutably that relying on the forces of “law and order” to uphold their own rules is a deadly mistake. In fact, the mayor of Portland has now said he is gunning for Antifa instead of the Proud Boys who created the crisis in Portland in the first place.  Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, went on national TV to announce that he will no longer tolerate dissent and therefore will be going after Antifa.  One can expect this kind of rhetoric more and more from public figures. We have seen this all before. Capitalism has already plunged the world into two world wars and countless others killing untold millions. The capitalists and their politician servants are criminals against humanity. 

This kind of carnage will continue if we let it, impacting people of color the worst. This country is in deep crisis because capitalism is gasping for breath in its death throes. Unless there is a working class movement to cohere a coordinated challenge against this capitalist assault, repression against people who are fighting for their legitimate rights will go on.  The police will come down harder on people of color for any perceived transgressions.

We need to build a political party based on working class self-activity, and eventually, we need a society that is built and controlled by workers.  The only way we will survive the devastation of wars foisted on working class people globally is to change society from one based on profits to one based on human cooperation.That means building a socialist society. As a first step, we need to form a labor party independent of capitalist politicians that will guide the working class to fight for their rights and the rights of all oppressed people.

This incident at the Capitol will be the first of many. We have to decide as workers how to stand tall and firm against fascists to defend and expand our democratic conquests, and how we can eventually rid the world of capitalism.

Forward for Workers’ United Front against Fascism! Forward for a Workers’ Party! Down with the Fascists! General Strike to defend and expand our democratic conquests! Millions of fellow workers, to the streets on the 20th!

United Front Committee for Labor Party, UFCLP

January 6th, 2021

One thought on “UFCLP Statement on the Storming of the Congress: Don’t be Shocked, Organize! Workers’ United Front against Fascism!

  1. Viriato says:

    This is preposterous…

    “The aggressors meant business; they were carrying automatic guns, ropes and handcuffs to take hostages, and Dixie flags with “Trump is President” inscriptions. There are also photos of the police opening the gate and encircling the gunmen to protect them against… arrests by other policemen!”

    People in the mood an in the move to make a coup d’état “meaning business” that let them beeing caught by some few policemen without long weapons and beeing “protected” from arrest from other policemen… can only come from some bad operette.

    Or, more simple, they were not in the intention nor in the mood of fighting for a coup d’état.

    They were simple right-wing mobs that take the oportunity kindly offered by the police to penetrate into de Capitol and visit the facility trying to afraid some congessmen (which as usual were taken by panic) and no more.

    Some yells, some selfies, some paper throwing and back home.

    If this is a “planed coup d’état” I am Napoléon Bonaparte.

    The US Congress did not found evidence of a planed coup d’état, nor even the responsability of its planning by Trump.

    What for the emphasis in what logically is not what it is said?

    Bourgeois do not play on “coups d’état” and they have a thorough experiency on the matter. It is their last card and it is played with care because there is always some reaction of the people and in the long run it comes always to some degree of insurrection. See today’s Myanmar for instance.

    It is not something you play with.

    There is a tendency to authoritarism and more if needed, but is it needed a “fascist” regime (with what social base?) today when the working class movement is in the state that it is?

    In Italy 1922 there were reasons and in Germany 1933 also, but not even was possible a fascist coup in Chile where there was a mounting worker’s class movement, but a bonapartist one. Because there was not a real large social base for fascism.

    The time when 50% of the German population were peasants and a lot of shopkeapers have not yet beeing erased by supermarkets and chain retailers are definitively gone.

    If many workers are confused and can vote right wing they mistrust fascism and even the right wingers. It is the same for the ones in the dole. They can switch very rapidly to the left and the far left. We live very instable times and pendular movements are not to be excluded.

    Where is then the social base for real fascism? In some clowns ridiculously disguised and other that take themselves as the heroes of bad films? This in no social base for nothing but charades as we have seen in the Capitol.

    Stormers goods for nothing that let themselves beeing parked by some light armed policemen who protect them from other policemen are just no fighters for a coup d’état or for whatever.

    The problem is that some left wingers take those idiots for “fascists” even if those imbecilles “think” fascist. What it will arrive when the real forces of the capitalists (police and military) moves against the left?

    You are taking the shadow for the real and it is encore the proof of the profound decadency of the whole left albeit some very rare people.

    C’est dommage.


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