Draft Programme


02/09/2020 by socialistfight

One thought on “Draft Programme

  1. Viriato says:

    I have not seen a “draft programm”…or I miss something?

    Otherwise, what do you think of this? https://www.marxist.com/a-world-gripped-in-crisis.htm
    Which is the perception of de Covid 19 disease in Britain?

    Here in France the facts show that there are few people ill from the virus and even leser dead.
    When a virus doesn’t provoque illness and/o deads, it is not an epidemy or I do not understand a word of sciences.
    The so called “cases detected” are people who has been carrying the virus but they are not contagious, not ill. Today, on the contrary to April-Mai-June there are thousand of test made and people who carry the virus (even if the “test” are not reliable at a rate between 25-40%) are not contagious nor ill. Young people for the most.

    There are at least three or four eminent epidemiologists professors thet not only have given “protocols” to fight the early stages of the desease (Prof Raoult and the hydrocloriquine+ Azytromicine treatment that has divided the mortality by ten times in Marseille in comparition to Paris) but have said that as the “pandemic” makes no more deads and ill people, it is in the final stage. A lot of new studies all over the world has confirmed the efficacity of this treatment in the early stages of the desease…when there is a desease, not the case in France or quite few since end Mai.

    Recently the Universitary Institute of Health of Marseilles, has publicate a paper stablishing that the virus has mutated at least on 7 diferents “souches” and that is becoming less and less dangerous.

    When you take the current mortality by year here, there is not a big change and there has been years when the “normal” flu has killed much more people ( 80 thousands against the 30 thousand this year)

    But the gouvernment, who has made every blunder it can make, is pushing an hysterical campaing of fear with the scope to vaccinate evry one and charge them 120 euros injection, knowing that the proven eficacity of the vaccine is of 50%.

    Every one is talking of the collusion between BigPharma and some doctors and the government.

    In fact, the real epidely is the “lay-offs epeidemy” which has spread all over the country and by the thousands in each big capitalistic group.

    And we have this article who is adding fuel to the alarming fake-fire. How can this people, that I suppose are not out of their minds, can compare this flu with the “Black Pest” of the fourteenth?

    And the way they present the economic crisis…They are taking two or three months and presenting those figures as of the whole capitlaistic economy…It is not serous, figures should represent at least the whole year.

    As they have defined the present times as “revolutionnary” (without a party and without a clear and rational brain near us, they called every mass motion as “revolution” even the Bielorus color revolution instigated by the US. They are playing the tune of the imperialists,
    Have they not realise that this “revolution” (and not their so called “General Strike” that has never have the slightest reality albeit some anger against the bourgeois Lukatchenko) plays in the hands of US imperialism and their plans against Russia as the Novaltny affaire does?

    What is happening? Is every one falling out of their minds?

    This is a very bad thing, and this “pandemic hysteria”, for someones, a test in real, of the reactions of people to a big incident or event. Somewhat it has succed, the fear and panic is all around, even if the professors are doing the best they can, but the press and TV are so powerfull (confined with the fine od 132 euros if you don’t wear the mask that is usefull only not to contaminatr when you are contagious i;e; il)l that they have instilled a deep fear in a big majority of people.

    People doubt, and are not confident with the government communication, but as they say “better to prevent, then to heal”. Is the way dictatorship works: on fear, desinformation, and repression.

    In the meantime, US imperialism and its allies, go for Bielorus and Russia and bosses against workers. That is the real “Black Pest”.


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