Boris Johnson blames individuals to defend his government and system


24/03/2020 by socialistfight

By Ella Downing

Boris Johnson’s cavalier attitude has made a petri dish of London

Is Johnson not enforcing this partial Lockdown so he can blame individuals as opposed to a government whose cavalier attitude has made a petri dish of London?

People are being told not to go to work unless it is absolutely essential. Essential to who/what? Property developers (construction work deemed essential), the worker to pay their rent, or the very survival of tens of thousands of older and sicker people? The conflicting intrest of the workers and property owning class is becoming stark.

This virus is a fascists wet dream because of the demographic it targets, those more likely to be economically inactive, the DWP of contagions. WHO says that infections are accelerating and at last count 150 counties have cases. John Hopkins are producing some truely terrifying graphs. This continual plea to the individual to act morally exposes the weakness of our current social model where the science dictates we much act as one, communally, in our separate pods, but with common purpose.

I have already noticed, and expect more of, far rightists becoming emboldened. What else is exercising your right to act in a way which results in the death of those weaker than you? Some of these individuals are no doubt merely ignorant of the magnitude of this thing, but others are business men like Mr. Wetherspoon, your man form Sports Direct, all those landlords threatening eviction, private sector social care companies not giving carers PPE, all these people went from capitalists or petty bourgeoisie to fascists over night.

However trade unions and labour are applying huge pressure from the left leading to much of labours manifesto being enacted by the government. And whilst Johnson peppers in military words, his speeches and those of many leading tories are given in Corbyn’s language. The NHS has never been more cherished, shelf stackers are being called key workers, CEOs are recognised as unnecessary. Whilst fascists might be polishing their lugars as a result of this crisis, it has become apparent the global nature of this threat obviously requires an international response, and more locally strong networks at the base. Not very fascist.

So fast moving, so dynamic. The superstructure is all over the place, the foundation needs to hold us together now more than ever and it simply will not if we act individualistically. The many loopholes in this Lockdown and government policy since the genesis of this virus encourages individualism, which has very rapidly become an ideology of death, like fascism.

Watch this space.

One thought on “Boris Johnson blames individuals to defend his government and system

  1. Bourgeois propaganda pretends Corona crisis is transient, “all over” this year. It is a TOTAL LIE. Money pumping and credit swamping is a desperate response to the triggered CATASTROPHE of capitalist crisis caused by the contradictions inherent in a system of production for private profit starting long before the virus. Bailing-out is to rescue private business just as the banks were rescued at ordinary peoples’ expense, with just enough for some workers to lull the public (with fake-“left” help) to prevent revolt.
    Far worse is coming as inflation lets rip from insane credit creation. Economic meltdown has festered for decades, since 2008 global crash especially. This is simply the next phase. Pandemic impact severe but containable by organised and planned socialism as China shows in contrast to the chaos, indifference and class callousness of rotten capitalist individualist society where “every man for himself” rules. Socialist revolution is urgently needed with Leninist leadership.
    The EPSR (Economic & Philosophic Science Review) is stressing coverage and investigation of all these issues and is inviting all groups and parties to strengthen their revolutionary and Leninist currents of thought and break with all anti-communism and anti-Sovietism in order to rebuild a BOLSHEVIK movement.
    China shows what even REVISIONIST-led socialist societies can do to fight disease and keep running its overall PLANNED economic development (despite OVER-using lots of capitalism). The USSR’s history was littered with mistakes and wrong-turns, for sure, because of shamefully WEAK revisionist leadership but it was a WORKERS STATE and coped with dragging itself out of the mud and backwardness of Tsarism to become a triumph of sanitation, education, healthcare, literacy, electrification, industry and aid to the Third World, even including revolutionary military assistance at times.
    In the 1930s, with global capitalism collapsing into the Great Depression, fascism and INTER-imperialist World War, Trotsky’s movement shamefully “predicted” and “urged on” the overthrow of the Soviet leadership, calling it a “bureaucratic caste” “incapable of technological innovation” “more savage than the Hitlerites” etc. But the Stalin revisionist leadership was far closer to Leninism than the Chinese CP is today!!! Should the Chinese CP be “overthrown” now – having shown what a stupendous job it can do of organising and defeating the Coronavirus pandemic???
    Should the Chinese CP be argued with about lots of things?? YES of course!! It still, in its Chinese nationalist, philistine way refers to “terror” as being a problem in the world which it would like to co-operate with the US Empire to fight, even while it berates Washington for military and trade-war threats to China. What revisionist block-headedness!! What are Beijing’s perspectives about the collapse of capitalism? Practically non-existent! But should Marxists urge the CCP’s overthrow?? NO! NEVER! Instead, fight for the revolution in our own countries, fight for the revolutionary line in all other countries, and fight for unconditional solidarity with all workers states. In that context, there should be a non-antagonistic resolution of all the differences between China and the developing world socialist revolution. At this moment, huge PRAISE for socialist China’s ability to fight the outbreak is needed, as part of the EXPOSURE of the capitalist world’s fascist callousness and USE of the pandemic for their own dirty strategies of covering up their global economic collapse, neo-Malthusian killing off of “burdensome” old workers and ramping-up of police state and military clampdown preparedness.
    The challenge to all parties is to deepen their understanding, using the works of Lenin and Marx and to break with all Cold War anti-communism so that genuine revolutionary theory can make a breakthrough and start to dominate discussion in the labour movement.


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