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01/03/2020 by socialistfight

Again demonstrating that you cannot judge the politics of Ireland by the lrft right standards of British and other imperialist countries. Ireland is a combination of semi coloney in the south and occupied coloney of Britain in the north. SF benefits because a united Ireland looms and most Irish people do not want the Black and Tans back.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

As noted in comments, the Sunday Times/B&A opinion poll out yesterday evening will make for anxious reading by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael in particular.

SF 35% +10 (from the GE)

FF 20% -2

FG 18% -3

IND 10% -3

GP 6% -1

LP 3% -1

SD 2% -1


AONTÚ 1% -1

So SF continues to draw support from across the political spectrum, which is interesting in and of itself – and that suggests that the marginal changes seen across parties are a real phenomenon even if the direction amongst and between them (bar SF) is not necessarily captured by the poll.

But looking at the figures in the round the inescapable conclusion is that no-one, except for SF, would want an election tomorrow. The Phoenix has an interesting analysis in the current edition (well worth a read, as always) suggesting that on Election Day FF and…

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