The Struggle against retreat from socialist policies: the candidates – Rebecca Long Bailey

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02/01/2020 by socialistfight

This is an excellent article from Stuart Leigh.

With most of the likely leadership candidates announced, we intend to publish over the coming weeks an analysis of each candidate standing in the election, how well they represent the interests of the working class, which direction they are likely to take the party and its program in. We start with Rebecca Long Bailey, and as the presumed ‘continuity Corbyn’ candidate for the left, we dedicate more space to analysing her program.

Shortly before the New Year, Long Bailey penned an article for The Guardian to announce her intention to stand as leader of the Labour Party. Long Bailey was set to be anointed Corbyn’s successor by the left establishment in the party and trade unions, only to fumble the crown into the gutter. A rumoured rift with John McDonnell, who was set to endorse Long Bailey but now swears neutrality, makes clear that Long Bailey is leaning on other…

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