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02/12/2019 by socialistfight

This expression of outrage puts the bogus antisemitism attacks on the left in the Labour party in its proper context; the freedom of Israel and its fascistic settlers to mass murder Palestinians with impunity because of the great power of the Zionist lobby in the USA and Britain and elsewhere.

In Mundo per oculos meos

(The colonisation of Palestine by Israel and the constant screams of ‘anti-Semitism’)

The problem in Palestine is not the majority of Jewish people that live there, I am sure that on the whole they are good, peaceful people. The problem is the state and Zionist government of Israel, the violent illegal settlers and extremists like Benzi Gopstein of the right wing group Lehava. The way Israel acts with no fear of recrimination or impunity is a poor reflection of the lack of action or recrimination on the part of the international community and the UN.

It is very hard to understand why mainstream media is not reporting on the atrocities happening to Palestinians on a daily basis. Why is a nine year old boy being shot in the head with an exploding bullet by an IOF sniper not reported by mainstream media? Why is the fact that hundreds of Palestinians…

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