The Split in the Labour Left Alliance: Preliminary

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03/11/2019 by Ian

It is not clear who is at fault in the split between the Labour Representation Committee and LAW. Because ‘Labour Against The Witchhunt’ (sic!) have expelled two different socialist trends, Socialist Fight (SF) and Labour Against Zionist Islamophobic Racism (LAZIR) based on phoney allegations of anti-Semitism, in the past two years. Shades of Jon Lansman!

They also broke with Grassroots Black Left, led by Marc Wadsworth and Deborah Mackson, in a split that appears to have been driven by LAW’s domination by the CPGB/Weekly Worker, who insist that racism is not a problem in British society, but rather that the main problem is “official anti-racism”. Since the CPGB have zero tolerance of those who reject their view of Zionism it is reasonable to suspect them of equal intolerance of those who reject their fatuous view of racism against non-whites.

So noone should take LAW and the CPGB’s word for it that the LRC is to blame for the current split. This is the FOURTH split that LAW have been involved with in the past two years. There is a clear pattern here.

We need a inclusive left bloc that has proper, democratic and inclusive debates on disputed questions, not purges and heresy hunts. Such a bloc should unite all those on the left opposed to the witchhunt and who aim to fight for socialism. Its central principle must be workers democracy. This is not rocket science. The left needs to get its act together.

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