Letter from Ireland: Brexit sell-outs

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06/10/2019 by socialistfight

Gerry, a chara,

I have watched a few videos of Bernadette McAliskey and in every one she is consistently, at best, a centrist.  In the early days she spouted out really puerile socialist rhetoric as her defence against any “sectarian” allegations, especially on US TV.  And throughout the heady days of the H Block campaign she alluded to a more republican stance. 

But my point now is at this vital and very sensitive time over Brexit, and with fundamental political and historical issues emerging, she swings back to an essentially pro-unionist position, using the insulting, pejorative reference to the other side of the border in her own country, the “Free State”.  I understand the use of this term in the same way that the N word is used in the US, it depends on who is using it and for what reason.  The British left group in Ireland, the SWP, refer to the twenty-six counties as: “a pathetic little statelet”.  This is meant to be anti-Free State bourgeoisie in some way but is essentially anti-Irish in their use of the term and its meaning which is essentially only an accommodation for their pro-imperialist core.

McAliskey’s speech has been reported widely, and it is added to the broad campaign by Johnson’s regime and the MI5 media offensive currently underway in Ireland using its media assets to promote British interests against Ireland, from Eoghan Harris to well-known British media agent Bruce Arnold, Olivia O’Leary who worked for the BBC for some years, and anyone else they can dredge up in the current Brexit crisis.  McAliskey’s speech puts her into the same camp as other left traitors to Irish independence. Her words might have been couched in other ambiguous terms but there can be no doubt of the intended effect.  It was a clear accommodation to Brexit and to the slimy camp of quasi-unionist, stage-socialists, insidious, Stalinists of the CPI who have always supported British imperialism in Ireland based on their attachment to the Churchill/Stalin pact, and of course to the Orange gangs who now have a direct line into Downing Street.

Although the Irish government and bourgeois political establishment are in a temporary deadlocked situation with the British, they will not openly turn on these left-wing supporters of British colonialism even though they were caught inside the camp of MI5. and they are not called and to account, and won’t be, for their treachery/political blunder.  They are still given plenty of media exposure even when the topic is Brexit and the Irish response. They are allowed to discuss it with a new political spin allegedly on their concerns for the working class as if they had always been opposed to Brexit instead of what they actually did, which was campaign for it in the six-counties.

But although the pro-Brexit left may be posturing differently now, hiding their support for it, they are setting their face against any potential movement by the Irish masses in response to and against the changing face of British colonialism in Ireland.  Bernadette McAliskey has thrown an olive branch to Ireland’s enemies along with Eamonn McCann and others on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bogside.  There can be no compromise on principals, no compromise on Irish independence from British imperialism such as indicated by McAliskey, and constantly promoted by the stage-lefts and insidious Stalinists of the CPI.  In real terms such conclusions are no more than political cowardice and deserve to be treated in the same manner as Fintan Lawlor would have done in the circumstances.

McCann of course is a Brexiteer as is the rest of the Irish left.  Recently they, People Before Profit (PBP) have been given plenty of airtime on RTE to voice their adjusted, opportunistic account of the political landscape in Ireland vis-a-vis Brexit.  McCann had the gall to say on radio that they supported Brexit at the time believing it to be Lexit but that it faded away to reveal a right-wing project.  And that nobody at the time could have foreseen this.  You know well Gerry this is a lie.

You and others in Britain and a couple of us here in Ireland including Peoples Democracy (PD) called it out for what it is, and they couldn’t have missed that.   She also claims that if we follow a nationalist agenda in Ireland it will eventually lead to fascism – really?

 We already have proto-fascism in Ireland in the form of the unionist paramilitaries and their political puppeteers.  But the McAliskey’s, McCann’s and the Brid Smith’s, the darlings of RTE and its host of British intelligence media assets have been to room 101, and they can no longer see this.

And since they have a constant desire to be in the spotlight wallowing in bourgeois media flattery, they will naturally be given plenty more time to renounce “nationalism” – Irish nationalism that is.

Is Mise, 

Mikki MacNabola ▲

The Guildford 4, (left, Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Paddy Armstrong, Carole Richardson, tortured into faklsly consessing ), the Birmingham 6 (right, Hugh Callaghan, Patrick Joseph Hill, Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and John Walker, with their faces battered, no one was found guilth of that!) and The Craugavon 2, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wotton, centre.

Political Status for all Irish Republican prisoners!

Free Brendan McConville and John Paul Wotton,  no extradition to Lithuania for Liam Campbell!

Irish Republican Prisoners News POWs 2019

Castlerea Prison




Eugene Kelly
Darren Gleeson 
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Portlaoise Gaol

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Colin Casey 
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Dónal Billings 
Sharif Kelly
Vincent Banks 
Jonathan Hawthorn
Frank Murphy
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Charles Anthony Deery
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E3 & E4

Philip Barney McKevitt
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Edward McGrath
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Old Road, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn,

BT28 2PT, Ireland

Roe 3

Conor Hughes
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Limerick Prison, Mulgrave Street, Limerick

Rose Lynch

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