Hong Kong Protest Movement tends towards ‘Colour Revolution’

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06/10/2019 by socialistfight

By Ian Donovan

The protest movement in Hong Kong that erupted this April against a new extradition law was fuelled by legitimate grievances and fear.  The law threatened Hong Kong’s population with being directly subjugated by the much more draconian political regime in Beijing, from which HK currently has a degree of autonomy and protection as a result of past British colonial rule. But the movement has radicalised not in a good way and is now overtly pro-Western, pro-UK, pro-United States imperialism, and has engaged in wanton acts of provocative violence such as trashing the Hong Kong parliament.

The extradition law itself was first suspended and has now been completely scrapped by Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing ruler, Carrie Lam. But the movement continues, and both mass demonstrations and confrontations continue between demonstrators and the HK police. Shadowy groups of pro-Beijing irregulars, in some cases criminal triad gangs, have attacked the population. They have also clashed with reckless fired up opponents of Beijing minded to use force themselves, with ordinary passers-by caught up in the conflict and beaten, while this opposition waves the Stars and Stripes and calls for Trump to ‘liberate’ HK from Beijing, something that would require WWIII.

The HK movement in that small territory is not currently a major threat to the independence of China. And we are not supporters of the brutal, ex-Stalinist now-capitalist regime in Beijing, whose  large state-sector, left over from the old deformed workers, is now being used to strengthen the growing and powerful mainland Chinese bourgeoisie, not to suppress capital as it was under the Stalinist regime.

But it is legitimate to fear that the Hong Kong movement could be a Trojan Horse for imperialism, and could potentially be used as a vanguard for something more widespread that could be the basis one day for imperialism attempting the kind of ‘colour revolution’ that they have used in other places to overthrow a recalcitrant regime that they dislike and replace them with a more compliant, pro-imperialist regime. Such as in Ukraine, or Georgia, or Lebanon.

We are in favour of a working class revolution in China, based on mass workers organisations and workers councils, which do have a real precedent in China going back to the sabotaged workers revolution in 1926-7, and to a degree the working class upheaval around Tien-An-Mein Square in 1989, separate from the student movement which expressed such craven illusions in the ‘democracy’ of US imperialism.

But we oppose any pro-imperialist overthrow of the relatively advanced, but semi-colonial, regime in Beijing by pro-imperialist forces, and while we do not advocate the suppression of the HK upheaval by Beijing at this time, nevertheless if this erupts into something that really does threaten Beijing with a pro-imperialist overturn, we will defend China against an imperialist proxy attack. ▲

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