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12/07/2019 by socialistfight

We publish below, under the authorization of Borotba, a policy statement of the group about the political situation in Ukraine after the presidential elections of the country where the opposition candidate Vladimir Zelensky was victorious.  Borotba is a communist organization being hounded after far-right parties and groups seized power through the EuroMaidam movement, supported by the EU and the US. The Ukrainian coup occurred in 2014 and was one of the first successful hybrid war movements of imperialism supported by neo-Nazi militias. The political lessons of Borotba comrades are of great importance to us workers and Brazilian communists in our fight against Bolsonaro government.

Frente Communista dos Trabalhdores

The defeat of the Poroshenko regime in the elections was the logical outcome of a government based on neoliberal reforms and excessive nationalist propaganda. The people of Ukraine expressed their distrust of corrupt officials hiding behind patriotic rhetoric. President Poroshenko’s campaign was trying to establish a confessional state, with a language full of militaristic rhetoric and nationalist slogans.

The electoral slogan “Army, language, faith” won the support of only 25% of voters. It should be noted that the result was the most crushing defeat of a president in the history of Ukraine. Even this modest result was only achieved through the creation of an atmosphere of fear in society, in the context of the prohibition of leftist political organizations and control over the media and the use of dirty political technologies. This defeat gives the people of Ukraine optimism and faith in the future.

Unfortunately, despite some improvements in the public atmosphere, Ukraine will still have difficult times ahead. For most ordinary people, Vladimir Zelensky is just a comedian and an actor. In fact, he is the owner of a multimillion-dollar business owner, one of the richest of the offshore oligarc. He is a close friend and business partner of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who is now in disgrace.

Zelensky is a compromise figure between some of the largest Ukrainian capitalists. The oligarchs have long dreamed of a presidency which is “technical” only, which will have limited powers in the context of strengthening the role of parliament. The oligarchs, fearing strengthening the role of one of them, want to forge a parliamentary republic which is a kind of “club for the elect”, which will establish a balance of interests.

There is a danger that, depending on the massive popular support and the expectation of change, President Zelensky will start to pursue the most unpopular and neoliberal reforms, such as the sale of agricultural land, the privatisation of the gas transmission system and the privatisation of state companies. In this situation, there is no political forces or any party in the country that can withstand this neoliberal course. The Communist Party and Borotba are, in fact, illegal.

In the atmosphere of renewal, many expect president Zelensky to democratise the political situation in the country, in particular:

● Disarmament nationalist gangs and private armies;

● The release of all political prisoners;

● Denazification of power and military departments;

● Legalization of organizations and opposition parties, banned by the former leadership of the country.

Time will tell if the new President will meet the expectations of millions. However, despite a ban on the Borotba Union, despite the intimidation of special services and the threats of the neo-Nazis, we will continue to fight for a free and socialist Ukraine!

We ask all honest people not to keep quiet!

We ask all who want to change to unite in autonomous groups and get in touch with each other!

We call on all those who are tired of nationalist propaganda to take to the streets on 1 May under red flags!

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