Labour Against the Witchhunt again farcically witch hunts another group


06/05/2019 by socialistfight

The Labour Against the Witchhunt have again farcically witch hunted another group, having expelled Socialist Fight, Gerry Downing and Ian Donovan on 6 January 2018 they expelled Peter Gregson on Saturday 4 May on even more spurious grounds.

His petition update on 22 March contained the following paragraph deemed vilely anti-semitic because he supposedly supported a Holocaust denier.

This is the paragraph at the end of that update:

“Also see the article “UK’s Labour Antisemitism Split” by Ian Fantom here. Ian organised the Keep Talking group that filmed my talk in the last but one update. (But I must say I think the Kollerstrom article he mentions is quite toxic).”

Because he mentions “the Kollerstrom article” although he says it is “quite toxic” he was expelled by 20 for, 9 against and 8 abstentions. Of course, the vote on such spurious grounds was really about the petition which asked Labour party members to endorse the proposition that Israel is a racist endevour, approaching 2,500 LP members have already done so, to Tony Greenstein ‘s outrage. And despite his backsliding Jetremy Corbyn attempted to get that clause inserted into the IHRA statement at the NEC on 4 September but was balked by John Lansman and the TU bureaucracy, including the “left” Unite members. cause for his expulsion too, surely?

This was too much for the libertarian CPGB/ Weekly Worker and Jack Conrad, who are for free speech for fascists but not for free speech for their left opponents who they admit are not “personally” antisemitic, just “politically”. Of course, rightwingers and Zionists will ignore this subtle distinction, which cannot exist for politically conscious people.

Bur Tony Greenstein really has to get onto the next antisemitic trope Dave Rich picks up on in those Corbyn posts: “How far an Obama administration is prepared to stand up to Israel and limit its control of US foreign policy is unclear.”

The Zionists have made another attack on Jeremy over a Morning Star article he wrote on 28 January 2009. He referred to “the high level of influence the Israeli government appears to have in the upper echelons of parts of the mass media”. This means that he supports the old antisemitic trope according to Iggy Ostanin that the Jews control the mass media, although that is clearly not the case.

He must organise to have Jeremy Corbyn expelled from the Labour party because that is what he and Jack Conrad and Jackie Walker expelled Socialist Fight from LAW in January 2018. Musn’t have hypocritical double standards, Tony!

This is the same CU meeting where Tony Greenstein tried to howl down Norman Filkelstein for defending Socialist Fight for saying the same thing as Finkelstein said explicitly himself later and as jeremy Corbyn said in that Morning Star article in 2009.

33m33 minutes ago
More Gerry Downing Retweeted Dave Rich
So pointing out direct evidence of Zionist influence is now antisemitism. Jeremy Corbyn was as bad as Socialist Fight Gerry Downing and Ian Donovan in his youth, apparently! Tony Greenstein to have him expelled like Peter Gregson today? Gerry Downing added,
Dave Rich
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Dave Rich Retweeted Iggy Ostanin
Further on in the article Corbyn claims that Israel has “control of US foreign policy.” Two conspiracy theories for the price of one.
Dave Rich added,

Rally for Gaza- Glasgow 30th; Gordon Dimmack show; Weekly Worker, etc

Pete Gregson
Edinburgh, SCT, United Kingdom

22 MAR 2019 —

Join us in Glasgow on the 30th at our Rally to mark the Great March of Return – Buchanan Steps, G1 2NG from 12-2pm; open mic. Sign the petition from the Zionism is Racism coalition to stay up to date. Go to and find us on Facebook at Zionism is Racism – Scotland Stand Up


Last night Edinburgh Central CLP passed paras 1 and an amended para 3 of the motion on the Jewish Labour Movement featured in the last update. Luckily the Edinburgh Councillors will NOT be asked to swear an oath of loyalty to this rabidly Zionist body. So Zionist support at Edinburgh CLP, but thankfully not enough to allow the JLM to demand to be reinstated to providing “anti-Semitism” training to the Labour Party.

Other News

Gordon Dimmack has made FIVE EPISODES out of yesterday’s skype call with me. The first 8 minute one at Suspended Labour Party member Peter Gregson speaks out

Last week the Weekly Worker published a story about me “Reinstate Pete Gregson” The author made the usual criticisms of what we do, slagging off this petition. My riposte is the Letters page of this week’s Weekly Worker – I’m the second one: “Become witches”.

Also see the article “UK’s Labour Antisemitism Split” by Ian Fantom here. Ian organised the Keep Talking group that filmed my talk in the last but one update. (But I must say I think the Kollerstrom article he mentions is quite toxic).

Also see “The truth about Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn and the new McCarthyism” by David Hearst in Middle East Eye

Peter Gregson…/1Y7ml38a0oNGU1hUuweDD0K7KY9…/view

5 thoughts on “Labour Against the Witchhunt again farcically witch hunts another group

  1. These anti-communist witch-hunters are indeed sad, sad people. But aren’t they always also last-ditch defenders of the Zionist theft of the land of Palestine?
    The real anti-semites are all those Jews and others who can’t see that the whole “Israel” project is doomed by history to total defeat and the eviction of most of the Jewish colonial settlers with just a permitted few remaining under a Palestinian revolution state. The world is disgusted by the spectacle of Palestinian children being gunned down by Zionist fascism and is turning more and more against the Jewish colonial invaders and hatred is growing rapidly – that is what is being slandered as “anti-Semitism” and it can only intensify; therefore the best way to extricate Jews from this hatred is to urge on the overthrow of the “state of Israel” so that Jews can return to New York, Germany and Russia etc and be seen as normal people again.
    Why is “Israel” doomed? Because it is the completely clear Marxist analysis and perspective that monopoly-capitalist warmongering domination of the planet is doomed to face mass proletarian revolution and the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples are at the heart of that. If Cuban and Vietnamese workers and peasants can rise at their respective historic moments then – especially under the unstoppable impact of disastrous global capitalist “over-production” crisis and inter-imperialist trade war – the Arab working masses can rise and win in their coming historic moment. Despite all the fearsome forces of reaction from US imperialism and Zionism that they face.
    Zionism was smashed out of Lebanon by heroic Arab resistance; eventually the Palestinians (helped you would think by a rising of the Egyptian masses against their US-backed Sisi torture regime) will find sufficient proletarian revolutionary strength and inspiration to smash into Zionist Nazism so hard that Jews will prefer to leave Palestine to the Palestinians and use their second passports (they all have them) wisely.
    Look at the latest Gaza mortar salvoes and the heroics of Palestinian youth at the “border” with Zionland. Is there any sign that the Palestinians don’t want their country back?
    Trotskyist talk of “perfect socialist revolution” and the “sharing” of Palestine between worker-Jews and worker-Arabs is a travesty and total treachery to the Palestinian cause. The real socialist revolution is a fight to the finish between imperialist-colonial fascism backed by US warmongering AND the Arab-Palestinian socialist revolutionary forces that will fully emerge out of the cauldron of today’s struggles. The Zionist Nazis need to be DEFEATED.


  2. Geoff S says:

    Is SF now in the business of caving in to one of the more bombastic varieties of Stalinism?


  3. Geoff, I really don’t know what you are referring to.I have a lot of political differences with Chris but that comment was not too bad.


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