Reject the ‘left antisemitism’ tag!

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20/04/2019 by socialistfight

Reinstate Marc Wadworth, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein etc., give all the auto-excluded, including AWL, Socialist Appeal and Socialist Fight supporters hearings and reinstate them too!

Jackie Walker’s brother at the picket against her expulsion recalling the racist attacks they suffered in their youth nearby, which turned them into activist anti racist fighters as adults.

Jackie Walker was expelled from the Labour party on 26 March, following the expulsion of Tony Greenstein (February 2018) Marc Wadsworth (April 2018). Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London was forced to resign in May 2018. The labour movement must continue to campaign for all suspended and expelled leftists and victims of the bogus left antisemitism witchhunt. And not forgetting Gerry Downing, which some of these would like to ignore. 

But it is the charge of ‘left-wing antisemitism’ that has gained such credence and become so damaging. On this false basis revolutionary socialists Gerry Downing, Ian Donovan and Socialist Fight were expelled from Labour Against the Witchhunt on 6 December 2018, with the assistance of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth. Having accepted the validity of the charge (Jack Conrad: “of course we don’t think you are personally antisemitic, Gerry, just politically”) it gained credence.

A whole swath of the so-called ‘left’ and some who are termed the ‘far-left’ (by the Daily Mail et al) have shamefully collapsed before the onslaught moving from the third campist left to the soft reformist left to the completely bogus left.

Jewish Chronicle Exclusive on 5 April 2017
A member of Labour’s disciplinary body who argued against expelling Ken Livingstone over his comments about Hitler and Zionism has written a series of pro-Palestinian articles, the JC can reveal.
Russell Cartwright, who was one of the panel of three Labour national constitutional committee representatives who decided the fate of Mr Livingstone, is also a member of the activist group the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy which has close links with the hard-left Momentum organisation.
Labour MP John Mann was among those to raise concerns about Mr Cartwright’s position on the NCC panel.
Mr Mann, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: “Did Russell Cartwright, editor of a 2014! section on Palestine, sit on the 3 person Livingstone panel or have I the wrong person?”
Another source told the JC: “Russell Cartwright seems to have been quite obsessed with the issue of Palestine at the time he was involved with the website!
“It is clear he has very strong pro-Palestinian sympathies. One would think you would have to declare any interest before ruling on an issue such as Mr Livingstone’s claims about Zionism and Hitler.”
Mr Cartwright’s articles include some promoting a boycott of Israel – and another suggesting Israel was discriminating against African immigrants.
The JC has learned that Mr Cartwright repeatedly claimed that the hearing itself “brought Labour into disrepute”.
He received some support for his views from Brenda Warrington, the Unite representative who was also on the NCC panel.
The final NCC member Rose Burley was said to have been the “sole voice” calling for Mr Livingstone to be expelled.
But Mr Cartwright’s previous interest in writing on the issue of Israel and the Palestinians could now raise calls from some in the party to launch a review of the decision reached by the NCC.
Even though Mr Livingstone was found guilty of three charges of bringing the party into disrepute there was widespread shock that the NCC then only decided to extend his suspension for one more year.
Yesterday several senior Labour figures also told the JC they would be looking further into the appointment of Mr Cartwright to the panel.
As treasurer of the hard-left CFLPD group he works closely with the group’s secretary Pete Willsman.
Moderate Labour figures had raised concerns that Mr Willsman was seeking to get a hard-left person sympathetic to Mr Livingstone’s plight onto the panel in the weeks leading up to the hearing.
Several Labour members were said to have refused to be on the panel over fears Mr Livingstone may have raised concerns about their own suitability to appear if he decided to seek a judicial review.

The three person Compliance Unite which expelled Jackie Walker was ostensively ‘left wing’. The very undemocratic treasurer of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy Russell Cartwright (you couldn’t make it up), one Anna Dyer from Unite . She was obviously acting on instructions of her ‘left’ General Secretary Len McCuskey, certainly on  the instructions of the ‘far left’ John Lansman; he put her on the slate of the Grassroots Centre Left Alliance.

Back in September 2018 she was hailed as the “independent-minded left Dyer” by Skwawbox. John Lansman hailed her as an ally who had replaced the rightist ‘witchfinder general’ Maggie Cosin. Although the Jewish Chronicle got the impression from somewhere that she was a rightist. Another leftist Alan Tate from the Communication Workers Union, made up the threesome. What could go wrong?

Harrow West delegate Rosie Woods

Of course we stand with expelled AWL members like Sacha Ismael and Harrow West delegate Rosie Woods who “has joined the long list of those expelled for an association with Workers’ Liberty” they tell us. But they do not make it easy on us to support them.

In Solidarity, the Alliance for Workers Liberty’s paper, on 7 February 2018 Dale Street launched a scurrilous attack on Jackie Walker. By a series of guilt-by-association links, he ended up implying she is a Nazi sympathiser, or at least is quite comfortable in the company of neo-Nazis. Street and the AWL, are, of course, ostensibly opposed to her expulsion, but supports the charges against her, thereby, in fact, supporting it, “We have come out against her expulsion, and we argue for expeditious and prompt processes; but also indicted (!) the unmistakable antisemitism around the counter-campaign by Walker and her friends.”

On 26 August 2017, Solidarity published a 20-page supplement, Against left-wing antisemitism! Compiled by Sean Matgamna, the historic leader of the AWL and its predecessors.  And a page in the paper itself, The left’s ideology of “antizionism”, by Dale Street. That is 21 of 32 pages to prove that the left in the Labour party and the left generally, apart from themselves, are all antisemitic.

The obvious purpose of the exercise was to form an alliance with Labour’s Compliance Unit and Labour’s then right wing General Secretary Iain McNichol to ensure the expulsion of Ken Livingstone and all the other anti-Zionists from the Labour party. Needless to say this unprincipled tactic has backfired spectacularly on themselves. ▲

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