Representative Ilhan Omar

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16/04/2019 by socialistfight

By Dov Winter

Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D., Minn.) walks in Washington, D.C.,  January 16, 2019. (Yuri Gripas/REUTERS)

The level of hypocrisy in regard to the support of Zionism by the Democrats and the Republicans is reaching a new height. Representative Ilhan Omar told the simple truth on Twitter that American support for Israel is fueled by money from a pro-Israel lobbying group that has Jewish backing.

The response for these remarks is hysteria by the Republicans and the Democrats, who accuse Omar for promoting Anti-Semitism with these remarks. Once again the capitalist media cynically confuses anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism. It is ABC that every capitalist politician in the US is bought by money.

But Zionist money is holy in the US. Any criticism that the Zionists buy American politicians is now “anti-Semitic”. This is, of course, laughable. Every capitalist politician is just a commodity who is bought by his/her capitalist masters. But when it comes to Zionism it supposed to be different. You cannot criticize holy money.

The US gives Israel billions of Dollars every year to crush any Arab resistance to US imperialism, and in particular to crush any Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, which Trump wants to be formally part of Israel. So, when Israel massacres Palestinians in Gaza, for example, the massacre is backed by the US.

The American capitalist press is just a little shy from suggesting that strong criticism of Zionism could become a crime. The Republicans leaders demanded that Omar be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What next? Remove her from Congress all together?

The truth is quite simple. Marxism can easily explain the extraordinary connection between the US and Zionism. Israel is American imperialism’s boots in the Middle East. American imperialism needs the Arab masses, and the Palestinians in particular, to remain oppressed, because any massive Palestinian intifada could trigger a massive anti-imperialist struggle in the Middle East. Syria could explode further, and the pro-imperialists rulers in the Middle-East could be deposed; which means a total instability in one of the key areas for US imperialism in semi-colonies. This is what American imperialism wants to avoid. And Israel is willing to throw a lot of money at the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to make sure that Israel connection with the important politicians of the Republicans and the Democrats remain strong.

Open Letter: We are Jews Who Stand with Representative Ilhan Omar

We are Jews who stand with Representative Ilhan Omar. She has been falsely accused of anti-Semitism since tweeting that GOP threats against her and Representative Rashida Tlaib for criticizing Israel were “all about the Benjamins baby.” When asked to clarify who is paying members of Congress “to be pro-Israel,” Omar replied, “AIPAC!”

As Jews with a long tradition of social justice and anti-racism, AIPAC does not represent us.

There is absolutely nothing anti-Semitic about calling out the noxious role of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), which spends millions each year to buy U.S. political support for Israeli aggression and militarism against the Palestinian people. As the NYC chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace summed up:

Accurately describing how the Israel lobby works in this country is not anti-Semitic. The never-ending smear campaign against Ilhan Omar is racism and Islamophobia in action.”

There is no denying that money rules U.S. politics, and that powerful lobbies from the NRA to the fossil fuel lobby to AIPAC play destructive, anti-democratic roles in our political system, wielding money for legislative influence. The pro-Israel lobby has played an outsized role in producing nearly unanimous congressional support for Israel. It has organized a national campaign to suppress Palestinian activism on campuses, made the Israel Anti-Boycott Act a legislative priority, and for decades has boasted about their power to make or break political careers. To point out this reality is not anti-Semitic.

Genuine anti-Semitism and the growth of white supremacy are indeed growing concerns in Donald Trump’s America. Omar and Tlaib, the first two Muslim congresswomen in this country’s history, are not part of this ugly growth of white supremacy. Instead, they are part of movements which seek to confront it. For that, and for their courageous support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, they are being smeared by a racist and Islamophobic chorus, including the House Democratic leadership itself.

Signed by 1,240 Jews in the US and Canada.


1Aaron Berman
2Aaron FreedmanNYC-DSA
3Aaron Gundy
4Aaron Haberman
5Aaron Kleinman
6Abba A. SolomonAmerican Zionism researcher
7Abbas Tehrani
8Abbey Kanzer
9Abdallah Nairoukh
10Abdul Aziz
11Adam BalsamIJV Canada
12Adam Baltner
13Adam BiermanEngineer
14Adam Cecil
15Adam HeenanIL Organizers Union, TNG-CWA, Local 34071
16Adam HorowitzMondoweiss
17Adam Izak-SunnaThe Rights Forum Discussion Group
18Adam KatzmanYear
19Adam Kufeld
20Adam Nuchtern
21Adam Overton
22Adam Patch
23Adam Rothstein
24Adam Saba
25Adam SanchezTeacher and Editor, Rethinking Schools
26Adam Schorin
27Adam Zuckerman
28Adriano ShaplinSwarthmore College
29Aileen Sabder
30Aishwarya Janwadkar
31Ajay Singh ChaudharySocial and Political Theory, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
32Alan Collins
33Alan Marwine
34Alan Minsky
35Alan Saltzman
36Alden Baker
37Alex Cacioppo
38Alex CohenDemocratic Socalists of America
39Alex FranzblauStudent, Activist
40Alex Goldberg
41Alex Kerner
42Alex Lessinger
43Alex LubinUniversity of New Mexico
44Alex NissenWomen in Black
45Alex van Schaick
46Alex Wolinetz
47Alexander Fredman
48Alexander Harper
49Alexander Nelson Kleinman
50Alexander Thal
51Alexander Wikstrom
52Alexandra Bergstrom-KatzUC Irvine
53Alexandra StillmanMinneapolis, Mn
54Alexis Stern
55Ali Aijaz
56Ali Aydogan
57Alice BeauchampJews Against The Occupation
58Alice Howard
59Alice Leibowitz
60Alice Sturm SutterUnion Square Women in Black
61Alisa Gayle-Deutsch
62Alison GlickJewish Voice for Peace
63Alita LetwinJewish Voice for Peace
64Aliza Dichter
65Allen Zagarell
66Allie Hecht
67Allyn Fisher-IlanJournalist
68Alon Stotter
69Alta Schwartz
70Alu Imran Amir
71Alyx Zauderer
72Amal AwadHuman rights activist
73Amanda Kaplan
74Amanda Lee
75Amir Fleischmann
76Amir Schnitman
77Amit Gordon
78Amy KleePublic School SLP
79Andrea LevyCanadian Dimension magazine
80Andrea Paperno
81Andrea Sauer
82Andrew Bruckman
83Andrew Ingram-Monteirotransit operator
84Andrew j Mandell
85Andrew Liberman
86Andrew Paul GutierrezProfessor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley
87Andrew Saltz
88Andrew Seal
89Andrew ShapiroCity University of New York
90Andrew W Zitcer
91Andrew Warshauer
92Ania Aizman
93Ann Elizabeth Fink
94Anna BaltzerJVP; descendant of Holocaust survivors & fighters in the Belgian Resistance
95Anna BergHolocaust survivor, JVP NYC
96Anna KaufmanJVP
97Anna Marie Stenberg
98Anne Bowers
99Anne Erde
100Anne Orchier
101Annette Exner
102Annie Rosenthal
103Annie WeinbergElections Strategist
104Annie Zirin
105Anthony ArnoveEditor, Author, Producer
106Anthony Rogers-Wright
107Anton Guz
108Aref Massoud
109Ari Berkowitz
110Ari BloomekatzRethinking Schools
111Ari Pollack
112Ariel Djuishperson
113Ariel Grier
114Ariella Lebowitz
115Arielle CohenDemocratic Socialists of America
116Arielle Goodman
117Arielle SallaiDemocratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles – Jewish Solidarity Caucus
118Arielle SchecterMedical student; JVP
119Arlene EisenWriter
120Arlo LevinDayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation
121Aron Gutman
122Arthur KeeneUmass Amherst
123Asaju Kapo
124Asher Miller
125Ashley AuerEditor
126Audrey BomseNational Lawyers Guild, Daughter of Holocaust Survivor
127Aurora Barnes
128Austin Campbell-Fox
129Avery Shoemaker
130Avi LewisFilmmaker
131Aviram Porat
132Avrum RosnerCanadian Auto Workers (retired)
133Baphomet Nayer
134Barbara Callahan
135Barbara L Duhl
136Barnett Rubin
137Barry Dredze
138Barry Drummond
139Baruch Zeichner
140Batya SobelJVP Western MA
141Beatrice Adler-BoltonDeath Panel Podcast
142Ben Berman
143Ben Bienstock
144Ben Geier
145Ben GerIndendent Jewish Voices (Vancouver Chapter)
146Ben GoldbergUniversity of California
147Ben Grossman
148Ben LeRoyBoard Member and Youth Group Leader, Sinai Temple, Champaign IL
149Ben ManskiLiberty Tree Foundation, President
150Ben Rubinstein
151Ben Saifer
152Ben Sichel
153Ben Silverstein
154Ben SpatzUrban Research Theater
155Ben Williams
156Benay BlendIndependent scholar
157Benjamin Alpers
158Benjamin BalthaserIndiana University, South Bend
159Benjamin BalthaserIndiana University, South Bend
160Benjamin Kersten
161Benjamin L. Alpers
162Benjamin Mishiev
163Benjamin Shapiro
164Benjamin Silverman
165Benjamin Wlody
166Benjamin Zaydman
167Bernadette Zacirka
168Bertell OllmanProfessor, Department of Politics, NYU
169Beth AngelJewish Voice for Peace
170Beth Jacobs
171Beth LaurenWriter, Producer
172Bob Green
173Bob Tripp
174Bonnie Sherr Klein
175Boris Roree
176Brad Goldberg
177Brad Sagal
178Bradley Babendir
179Bradley Gordon
180Bradley RossTeamsters local 413
181Brandon Barnard
182Brenda Lewis
184Brett Wilkins
185Brian MaddenCounterfire
186Brian Polejes
187Brian SonensteinShadowproof
188Britni de la Cretaz
189Bruce KatzPalestinian and Jewish Unity Montreal
191Callie Palmer
192Caren Kaplan
193Carina iranzo
194Carl Rosenberg
195Carl SachsAssistant Professor of Philosophy
196Carol Becker
197Carol HorwitzJVP
198Carol SmithJVP NY
199Carole SeligmanSocialist Viewpoint
200Carrington Morris
201Carter Lavin
202Catherine SchetinaIf Not Now
203Cathy GulkinFilmmaker
204Cathy Sucher
205Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
206Charles Heller
207Charles Manekin
208Charles PostCity University of New York
209Charles Zimmerman
210Charlotte HeltaiInternational Socialist Organization
211Charlotte Hovland
212Chase CarterJewish Voice for Peace – DC Metro
213Chase Strangio
214Chauntyll AllenBlack lives matter Twin cities
215Chava Hassan
216Chaya bat Avraham v’Sarah
217Cheryl Gaster
218Chris MejiaISO
219Christian SpindlerBusiness Manager
220Christopher Zimmerly-Beck
221Chuck Hamilton
222Chuck ModianoJournalist
223Cindy ShambanJVP
224Claire Diamond
225Claire HalpertUniversity of Minnesota
226Claire Nowak-Boyd
227Clara ZawadzkiStudent
228Clare Dougan
229Clayton Davis
230Clement Goldberg
231Conor Jansen
232Corey BalsamNational Coordinator, Independent Jewish Voices Canada
233Corey DolgonStonehill college
234Corey GaberBaltimore City Public Schools
235Corey Stevens
236Craig Willse
237Cris Gates
238Curtis Ensler
239Curtis StofferahnProfessor Emeritus of Rural Sociology
240Cy Berlowitz
241Cynthia CarterUS citizen, human rights supporter
242Cynthia FranklinUniversity of Hawaii
243Dacia Carruthers
244Dakota Russell
245Dalal Lubbadeh
246Dalal Qamheiah
247Dalton ConleyPrinceton University
248Dan Ehrenfeld
249Dan FederJewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia
250Dan FishbackJewish Voice for Peace Artist Council
251Dan Hurowitz
252Dan Lark
253Dan Levin
254Dan Macheret
255Dan Magaziner
256Dan Spaventa
257Dana Kopel
258Dana Mcintyre
259Dani BaurerPhysician, Jewish Voice for Peace
260Daniel Barg
261Daniel BoyarinTaubman Professor of Talmudic Culture, UC Berkeley
262Daniel Cohn
263Daniel Hafner
264Daniel JonesDemocrat
265Daniel Kaplan
266Daniel Kay Hertz
267Daniel LetwinAssociate Professor of History, Penn State
268Daniel Levin
269Daniel Mellman
270Daniel Nanas
271Daniel Rifkin
272Daniel Schultz
273Daniel Segal
274Daniel Sieradski
275Daniel Spector
276Daniel Trauten
277Daniel Wallach
278Daniel Welch
279Daniela Escolar
280Danny KatchAuthor, International Socialist Organization
281Daphna LevitAuthor, Israeli Rejectionism
282Daphna ThierIsraeli-American activist and writer
283Darryl Faulkner
284Dave Mertzig
285Dave Riley
286Dave Rommer
287Dave ZirinAuthor, A People’s History of Sports
288David AmdurAAUP
289David Blake
290David Blake
291David BraginJVP/NYC
292David Concepcion
293David DeMarkGraduate Student, Department of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
294David Dornbush
295David Elbaum
296David FeldmanUnited Teachers Los Angeles
297David FinkelAgainst the Current magazine
298David Fulton AkinHuman Being & Jewish Voice for Peace
299David Golbitz
300David Jacobs
301David Kaufman
302David Klion
303David L. Blatt
304David Lane
305David Leonard
306David LetwinJews for Palestinian Right of Return
307David MakofskyResearch Anthropologist, Minority Studies Center, China
308David Naimonwriter and radio host
309David NewmanCongregation Havurah Shalom
310David Poms
311David Schultz
312David Schwartz
313David Segal
314David Shor
315David SteinClinical Psychologist
316David Unger
317David Walk
318David WellerIJV Canada
319David Wiester
320Debbie Lubarr
321Debbie Vietinghoff
322Débora Phillips
323Deborah A Saslaw
324Deborah Allen
325Deborah Cohler
326Deborah FinkJews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, Co-founder
327Deborah Neulander
328Deborah Roberts
329Deborah Woodard
330Denise Rickles
331Dennis KortheuerPeople for Palestine – Israeli Justics
332Derek WrightActivist, musician, computer scientist, ISO
333Derrick Brimsy
334Dexter Loos
335Donald JohnsonRetired CA Professional Enginer
336Doris Audrey Soroko
337Dr Eyal Clyne
338Dr Rodney WattsJFJFP
339Dr. Bradford Barker
340Dr. James Deutsch
341Dr. Michael Friedman
342Dr. Rodney WattsJFJFP
343Drew Silver
344Drew UllmanColumbus Democratic Socialists of America
345Dror FeilerEuropean Jews for a Just Peace
346Dylan Kosson
347Dylan O’Hara
348Dylan Saba
349Ebie Zahabian
350Ed Rukab
351Ehab El SharkawyAT&T
352Eileen Weinberg
353Eileen Weitzman
354EK Breitkopf
355Ekram Haque
356Elana Golden
357Elana Levin
358Eli Gerzon
359Eli Harrison Kaufman
360Eli Lichtenstein
361Eli Valley
362Eli WinterMusician
363Eliezer Bryski
364Elizabeth Aaronsohn
365Elizabeth BlockIndependent Jewish Voices
366Elizabeth Cooper
367Elizabeth M. MolchanyAttorney at Law
368Elizabeth Roberts
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370Ella Godt
371Ellen BrotskyJVP BAY AREA
372Ellen IsaacsJVP,
373Elliot Frank
374Elliot HelmanJewish Voice for Peace
375Elliot Oberholtzer
376Elsa AuerbachJVP Boston
377Emad Alahmad
378Emily AdcockUNC Chapel Hill
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380Emily Laskin
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391Eric BlancAuthor, Journalist, Democratic Socialists of America
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399Erica Kay
400Erich Strom
401Erik Abriss
402Erik M. FinkAssociate Professor, Elon University School of Law
403Estee ChandlerJewish Voice for Peace
404Ethan AckelsbergISO, OSU Coalition for BDS
405Ethan Chiel
406Ethan Kirschner
407Ethan Milner
408Ethan StanSan Luis Obispo DSA
410Eva M SharellIndependent Jewish Voices
411Eva Steiner MoseleyMass Peace Action
412Evan Giller
413Evan J Frankel
414Evelyn KronfeldJournalist
415Evgeny Scherbakov
416Eviatar Bach
417Eyal Clyne
418Ezra NeponJVP Philadelphia
419Fadumo Ali
420Faryal Mir
421Fayez Idlebi
422Frances Montell
423Francis KromkowskiHelena Service for Peace and Justice/local chapter of Fellowship of Reconciliation
424Frank Harter
425Franklin Farmer
426Fred Watstein
427Freda Guttman
428Gabriel Berlin
429Gabriel Frankel
430Gabriel GoffmanDSA SF
431Gary K. Schwartz
432Gary Lapon
433Gene Whitworth
434Geoff BernerAccordionist
435George BurgessClackamas Community College
436George Gordon
437Gidon Raz
438Gloria Alvarez
439Gloria Garcia
440Gordon Ginsberg
441Grace KleinInternational Socialist Organization
442Grace Rountree
443Grant Cooper
444Greg Campbell-CohenDemocratic Socialists of America
445Greg Campbell-CohenDemocratic Socialists of America
446Greg Duval
447Greg Laynor
448Gregory Khachaturyan
449Greta Aiken
450Greta BerlinCo-Founder, The Free Gaza movement
451Guenter SchenkFrance
452Hadas ThierIsraeli-American activist and writer
453Haley Marie Brown
454Haley PessinInternational Socialist Organization
455Hamlet J Cooper
456Hana Sarfan
457Hannah Borenstein
458Hannah FleuryInternational Socialist Organization
459Hannah GurmanNew York University
460Hannah Howard
461Hannah KleinMN-5th Resident
462Hannah Moscowitzgranddaughter of a Holocaust survivor
463Hannah ThalenbergHouston DSA
464Hanoch Sheinman
465Harley BrookTeacher
466Harold ShusterIndependent Jewish Voices – Winnipeg
467Harriet Lord
468Harriet MalinowitzIthaca College
469Harrison David Frank
470Harriszal Amiruddin
471Heather TenzerFilmmaker
472Heidi Grunebaum
473Helaine MeislerJews Say No!
474Helen Hawver
475Helga MankovitzIndependent Jewish Voices
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478Hester EisensteinProfessor at Queens College & CUNY Graduate Center
479Hilda J Richey
480Hilton ObenzingerWriter
481Hind Al Sharif
482Howard Druan, J.D.
483Howard Epstein
484Huma Siddiqui
485Husni Abualeinein
486Ian David Shultzmann
487Ian J Layton
488Ian Zuckerman
489Ibrahim Binalsheikh
490Iftach Shavit
491Ilan Korman
492Ilan PappéIsraeli historian, author, activist
493Ilana Bryne
494Ilana Feingold
495Ilana Marcucci-Morris
496Ilya Kanter
497Inbal Palombo
498Inge FowlieGrew up in Nazi Germany
499Ira Glunts
500Isaac BrosilowJewish Reconstructionist Congregation
501Isaac Kirk-DavidoffJewish Solidarity Caucus
502Isaac Krantz-Perlman
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519Jacqueline Weiner
520Jacques Graber
521Jad Mahdi
522Jae Ahrend
523Jake Ehrlich
524Jake Gold
525Jake Krakovsky
526Jake Levitan
527Jake MarshallJVP Chicago
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529Jamel SaieghMedical Case Manager, MA, USA
530James Joseph Madigan
531James Leas, Attorney
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534Jamie Diamond
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541Jane TobyJVP and MECR (Middle East Crisis Response)
542Jared MarguliesDepartment of Politics, University of Sheffield
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544Jared Simon
545Jason Diamond
546Jason FarbmanDemocratic Socialists of America
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598Jonah Wexler
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601Jonathan EngelInternational Socialist Organization
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629Judith Frank
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635Judy Neunuebel
636Julia BurkeGranddaughter of Holocaust survivors, public interest attorney
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638Julia RapkinShop Steward, SEIU 1021
639Julia Shpirt
640Julia SteinLA Jews for Peace
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642Julie E. Dinnerstein
643Julie Margolies
644Julie Tilsen
645June Fisher, MD
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648Justin Solyom
649Justine SachsDayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation
650Kamil Gamal ElDin
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652Karen CaplanHistory Professor
653Karen Doolittle
654Karen PlattJVP San Francisco bay area chapter
655Karen PomerJews for Palestinian Right of Return, Granddaughter of Holocaust survivor
656Karin Pally
657Karl SchwartzInternational Socialist Organization
658Kate AronoffJournalist
659Kate Rayner Fried
660Katharine Shapiro
661Katherine Bird
662Katherine Cohen
663Katherine Herman
664Katherine Montalto
665Kathleen Cohen
666Kathryn LevyPoet, Arts Educator
667Kathy WoukJVP
668Katie HalperThe Katie Halper Show
669Katie Myers
670Kay Matthews
671Keith RosenthalInternational Socialist Organization
672Kelly Fuller
673Kelsey GoldbergDemocratic Socialists of America Los Angeles
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675Ken Lawrence
676Ken LuckhardtRetired National Rep, CAW (Canada) Former Chair, South African Congress of Trade Unions Solidarity Committee
677Ken StoneIndependent Jewish Voices (Canada)
678Kenn OrphanArtist, Writer, Social Worker, Activist
679Kenneth Hammond
680Kenneth Marks
681Kenneth MillerNeuroscientist, Columbia University
682Kenneth Mostern, Ph.D.
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684Kerry Stacey
685Kevin A. GouldAssociate Professor, Concordia University, Dept of Geography
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687Kevin HirnUniversity of Michigan
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691Kimberly Christoffel
692Kimberly Hughes
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694Kris Ramlan
695Kurt A Seaberg
696Kurt Newman
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700Larry Benjamin
701Larry DerfnerIsraeli journalist
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703Larry Tepper
704Larry Wang
705Laura Huel
706Laura Mandelberg
707Laura Ottaviani
708Laura TanenbaumProfessor, City University of New York
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710Laurie Izaks MacSween
711Lawrence BoxallIndependent Jewish Voices
712Lawrence Hamiltom
713Leah Mack
714Leah Yemes
715Lee Nelson
716Lena Solowunion organizer
717Lenni BrennerMECC
718Lenny LaponRetired Teacher, Boston Latin School
719Leone Hankey
720Les LevidowJewish Network for Palestine (UK)
721Lesley LevyIJV
722Lester Cohen
723Levi Dayan
724Lew WilliamsSURJ
725Libby FrankWILPF
726Liliya Shtikel
727Lillian Galedo
728Lillian Rosengarten
729Lina Borno
730Linda CooperHuman Rights Activist
731Lindsay Eanet
732Lior SternfeldPenn State
733Lisa AlbrechtEmeritus Professor, U. Minnesota, JVP
734Lisa Fortlouis WoodClinical Psychologist
735Lisa Gross
736Lisa Stampnitzky
737Lisa Sternlieb
738Liz Loeb
739Logan Paz
740Lois WeinerAuthor and independent researcher
741Lorena FuentesEnglish Faculty
742Lorrie Beth SlonskyRetired Paramedic
743Louis KampfMIT
744Louisa Solomon
745Lucy Mahler
746Luke HerrineYale Law School
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748Lyn LaGreca
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750Madeleine FennInternational Socialist Organization
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767Marge SussmanJewish Voice for Peace
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771Maria ZaslavskyIndependent Jewish Voices – Montreal
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779Marissa HoustonJews of Color
780Mark Earley
781Mark Egerman
782Mark Klein
783Mark Klein
784Mark Leyner
785Mark Want
786Marla Erlien
787Marla SolowStudent, Barnard College
788Marsha SteinbergBDS LA
789Marshall Steinbaum
790Martha Cohen
791Martha Roslerartist
792Martha RothIndependent Jewish Voices-Canada
793Martin WolterdingUniversity of Western Sydney
794Marty Roth
795Mary Avice
796Mary Cantoral
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798Marylin Kanee
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801Matt L RoarWriter
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804Matthew Gallelli
805Matthew GindinPeretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture
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810Maureen North
811Maureen Tierney
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813Max Lyons
814Max Strom
815Maxfield Peabody
816Maxine Fookson
817Maxwell WilliamsWriter
818May YeRabbinical student, JVP Philadelphia
819Maya PasternakAnarchists Against the Wall
820Maya SchenwarTruthout
821Megan Gabriel
822Megan Lieff
823Megan SteinbergSchool counselor & activist
824Mekaiel Abdullahi
825Melanie Gaier
826Melanie Jacobs
827Melanie Pinkert
828Melisa Crosby
829Melissa Kelly
831Merry RozzelleStudio Moon NY
832Micah Chambers
833Michael A Rorer
834Michael Akrish
835Michael BerkowitzSEIU and IFPTE 21, retired
836Michael FriedmanDoctor
837Michael Galant
838Michael GlickPeople’s Music Network
839Michael Harary
840Michael Ladson
841Michael LetwinAttorney, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, Labor for Palestine
842Michael McCabe
843Michael QuilliganAuthor and Historian
844Michael Robin
845Michael Sappir
846Michael Simon
847Michael SteinbornDSA-LA
848Michael Zelenko
849Michele BerkonSydney Jewish Left
850Michele FarberInternational Socialist Organization
851Michele Gwller
852Michele Levy
853Michelle Reeves
854Mickey Doe
855Mike Arad
856Mike CushmanChair Free Speech on Israel (UK)
857Mike Share
858Mike Zuser
859Miko PeledWriter, Human Rights Activist
860Mimi Arbeit
861Mimi ShellerIn honor of Stelle Sheller
862Mindy Isser
863Mindy Isser
864Miranda Nelson
865Miranda Pennell
866Miranda Sklaroff
867Miriam Novick
868Miriam Posner
869Mirushe ZylaliArtist and Community Activist
870Mitchell Freedman
871Mitchell Plitnick
872Mohamed Chaabani
873Mohamed Oueld Ahmed
874Mohammad Aziz
875Mohammad Zunaid
876Mohd Rammaha
877Moiser McCapauJFPFO
878Molly CrabappleAuthor Drawing Blood and Brothers of the Gun Alex Cohen, Cofounder, Earth Defense Coalition
879Molly Greenberg
880Molly Merrett
881Molly Schiffer
882Monica Kriete
883Mordechai Rosenblatt
884Moses Gates
885Moshé MachoverIsraeli dissident, founding member of the socialist organization Matzpen
886Muriel Leonarf
887Murshed Zaheed
888Mustafa Khalaf
889Mustafa Moneir
890Myles HoenigBaltimore County Green Party
891Naama Farjoun
892Nadera Rezwi
893Naftali EhrenkranzINN / JSC / DSA
894Naïma Sebbah
895Najam NajmiACLU
896Nancy Castleman
897Nancy FraserHenry A and Louise Loeb Professor of Political and Social Science, The New School
898Nancy Nadel
899Nancy SternCity University of New York
900Naomi KleinJournalist, Author, Professor at Rutgers University
901Naseema Mall
902Natalie Cohen
903Natalie Z. DavisHistorian
904Natan LastBOA
905Natasha LennardThe Intercept, The New School
906Natasha Tabachnikoff
907Nate Baldo
908Nathan Goldman
909Nathan Sadowsky
910Nathan Tabak
911Nathaniel ChassinMiddle School Teacher
912Nathaniel Hohauser
913Nawras Alkhatib
914Nazaleen Mohamed
915Ned RoschNetwork Against Racism & Islamophobia
916Neta GolanInternational Solidarity Movement, Return, Boycott From Within
917Nicholas CusterDream Defenders
918Nick CooperKlezmer Musicians Against the Wall
919Nick Levine
920Nicole BlumJVP- Western Mass
921Nicole FabricantTowson U
922Nicole Meyer
923Nicole Solomon
924Nigel MarshallYoga Teacher
925Nikki Pelonia
926Nina HaftProfessor and Choreographer
927Nizan ShakedCSU Long Beach
928Noah Abraham WestonSouth Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America
929Noah Barer
930Noah Hurowitz
931Noah HuttonFilm Director
932Noah JeffersonPhD student, University of Minnesota
933Noah Powell
934Noah TavlinBrooklyn
935Noga Gahl WizanskyArtist, adjunct professor and union member, CCA and SEIU local 1021
936Nora Barrows-FriedmanJournalist
937Nuni Tal, Human Rights ActivistHuman Rights Activist
938Oliver Lazarus
939Olivia Ascione D’EliaCamp Kinderland
940Olivia Pershikova
941Olivia Robins
942Omolkar Ali
943Oren Weiss
944Owen Janssen
945P. SegalIndiana voter
946Pape Niang
947Paris Glickman
948Pat Henry Rothblatt
949Patricia Sonne
950Paul HorowitzDemocratic Socialists of America, NYC
951Paul Lederman
952Paul SwartzJewish educator and Democratic Socialists of America member
953Paul WernerThe Orange Press
954Pedro TamamesNYU
955Peter Feld
956Peter Hershberg
957Peter Ruhm
958Peter Sachs Collopy
959Peter Simon
960Philip WeissJournalist, Mondoweiss
961Phyllis BennisInstitute for Policy Studies
962Prof. Nurit Peled-ElhananSakharov Prize Laureate for Human Rights and the Freedom of Thought
963R.M. Temin
964Rabbi Alissa WiseDeputy Director, JVP
965Rabbi David MivasairJewish Voice for Peace
966Rachel Cohen
967Rachel Faulkner
968Rachel Feldman
969Rachel Goldstein
970Rachel Gonzalez
971Rachel Lamb
972Rachel Lederman
973Rachel Megibow
974Rachel PresserUptown/Bronx DSA
975Rachel RubinProfessor
976Rachel WeilCornell University
977Racheli Gai
978Rafael ShimunovBoard member, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
979Rama Yacobi
980Rami ElhananCo-director, Parents Circle-Family Forum
981Rami Grossberg
982Rania MadiSwitzerland
983Rashid Al-BannaFreedom 2 Boycott Maryland
984Rebecca Anshell Song
985Rebecca Ballard
986Rebecca Dayan
987Rebecca Erwin
988Rebecca Johnson
989Rebecca Kurti
990Rebecca Miller
991Rebecca Vilkomersonexecutive director, Jewish Voice for Peace
992Rebecca Weston
993Rebecca ZweigAssistant Professor, University of Iowa
994Rebekah Horowitz
995Reem Hijjawi
997Ren Finkel
998Reuben PolingInternational Socialist Organization
999Reuben RothProfessor, Laurentian University, Canada
1000Reuben TelushkinJewish Voice for Peace
1001Richard F MarcuseIndependent Jewish Voices
1002Richard LachmannUniversity at Albany- SUNY
1003Richard Olson
1004Richard SilversteinTikun Olam
1005Richard Steigmann-GallKent State University
1006Richard Trotsky
1007Richard Yanowitz
1008Rick ChertoffJewish Voices for Peace – Los Angeles
1009Riley Bloomer-LudwigTeacher
1010Rip Royees
1011Rob FullerExeter University
1012Rob Newman
1013Robby Baskin
1014Robert BrennerDirector, Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA
1015Robert Bruce Scott
1016Robert Chassin
1017Robert DruckerNorth Jersey DSA
1018Robert Henry Eller
1019Robert Herbst
1020Robert KastnerBerkeley City College
1021Robert L. Greene
1022Robert LiptonJVP
1023Robert Riddle
1024Roberto Ruffolo Rael
1025Robin Gittelman
1026Roger Brandon
1027Roger Howard
1028Ron SmithBucknell University
1029Ron Witton
1030Ronald Kevin Fuermann
1031Ronit Kory
1032Ronnie KasrilsAnti-apartheid veteran and former South African government minister (1994-2008)
1033Ronnie Singer
1034Ronny Geller
1035Rosalind PetcheskyJewish Voices for Peace
1036Roy EidelsonAuthor, Political Mind Games
1037Royce Dale Williams
1038Rubin Kantorovich
1039Rufus Palmer
1040Ruqaya Hussein
1041Ruth MosternUniversity of Pittsburgh
1042Ryan FinkelsteinStudent, University of Florida
1043Ryan HickeyCommunity Organizer
1044Sadia AhmedBlack for Palestine
1045Said Aboukar
1046Saje LieseNYC DSA, Reclaim Pride Coalition
1047Sam Bernstein
1048Sam FriedmanJVP-Central New Jersey, author, poet
1049Sam GindinFormer Research Director, CAW now Unifor
1050Sam Glass
1051Sam Harb
1052Sam Hosmer-Quint
1053Sam Raker
1054Sam Schwartz
1055Sammy Loren
1056Samuel Burd
1057Samuel Dodson
1058Samuel FarberAuthor, Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College
1059Samuel H Silver
1060Samuel Lutes
1061Samuel Reitzas
1062Samuel Simon
1063Samuel Wolff
1064Sanaa Dalu
1065Sandra Goldstein LehnertISO, Camp Kinderland
1066Sandra TurnerJVP
1067Sanjeeda Bano
1068Sanuu Dalu
1069Sara Hamann
1070Sara Rubinstein
1071Sara Smith
1072Sarah Boivin
1073Sarah Gertler
1074Sarah GoldJewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Advocacy Project
1075Sarah Hornstein
1076Sarah Jacobson
1077Sarah JacobusJewish Voice for Peace-Los Angeles
1078Sarah JaffeJournalist
1079Sarah Lazare
1080Sarah Nesbit
1081Sarah Schneider
1082Sarah Schwartz
1083Sarah SeltzerWriter and journalist
1084Sarah Shalab
1085Sarah SillsJewish Voice for Peace-NYC
1086Sarah Soliman
1087Sarah Wheels
1088Sasha Geffen
1089Scott Lucien Feldman
1090Scott WeinsteinIndependent Jewish Voices
1091Sean Zaher
1092Seth DouglasStudent, American University
1093Seth J. Prins
1094Seth Morrison
1095Seth Pollack
1096Seth SandersUC Davis Religious Studies department and Jewish Studies program
1097Seth UzmanRevolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century
1098Seymour Alexander
1099Shachaf PolakowPhotographer and Organizer
1100Shaher AhmadJVP
1101Shaiya Baer
1102Shamma BoyarinProfessor, University of Victoria
1103Sharon Jacobs
1104Shawna Lipton
1105Sheila DelanySimon Fraser University
1106Shel Goldstein
1107Sheldon RanzSocial Democrats USA
1108Shelly Horwitz
1109Sherry Bender
1110Sherry GorelickProfessor Emerita, Rutgers University
1111Sherry WolfAuthor, International Socialist Organization
1112Sheryl NestelIndependent Jewish Voices Canada
1113Shir Hever
1114Shira BreenJewish Voice for Peace
1115Shirley McKibbin
1116Sid ShniadIndependent Jewish Voices Canada
1117Simine Tepper
1118Simon Wolfe
1119Sofia Butnaru
1120Solomon Steen
1121Sonny Berensonfamily survivors of the holocaust
1122Sonya LeveneJews for Justice for Palestinians
1123Sophia Abrahim
1124Sophia Cross
1125Sophia Simon-Ortiz
1126Sophia Steinert-Evoy
1127Sophie Abramowitz
1128Souad Sharabani
1129Stacy Tolchin
1130Stan Malinowitz
1131Stanley HellerHost “The Struggle” Video News
1132Stanya Kahn
1133Stefan Rubin
1134Stephanie SchwartzInternational Socialist Organization
1135Stephanie Trudell
1136Stephen Aberle
1137Stephen Block
1138Stephen Leslie
1139Stephen R Stern
1140Stephen ZornRetired ex-CUNY
1141Steve GoldfieldActivist, Journalist, Musician
1142Steven Cohen
1143Steven Green
1144Steven Levinson
1145Steven Zekowski
1146Stuart Newman
1147Suad Hussein
1148Sue Michalson
1149Susan BravermanJewish Voice For Peace
1150Susan Packer Davis
1151Susan Rotgard
1152Susan Rotgard
1153Susan Windle
1154Suzanne Berliner WeissHolocaust survivor
1155Suzanne Gannon
1156Suzanne Korey
1157Suzanne Schwartz
1158Suzi WeissmanSaint Mary’s College of California, Jacobin Radio
1159Sydney Sasanow
1160Sylvia L Horton
1161Sylvia SchwarzJVP-Twin Cities
1162Tahir Abba TahirYoung World Leaders Forum
1163Tal LevyDemocratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles
1164Tal Mor
1165Talia EarleJewish Solidarity Caucus
1166Talia Gruber
1167Tami BryantRussian Jew
1168Tara Ehrcke
1169Tara Steinberg
1170Tara Wilde
1171Tasariah Rohan, PhD
1172Tatyana ZingerDSA NYC
1173Theodore Ostrow
1174Thomas Lee
1175Thomas Resnick
1176Tibby BrooksNational Writers Union
1177Tikva Honig-ParnassIsraeli historian and activist, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
1178Tim Wright
1179Todd WarrenGuilford County Association of Educators
1180Todd WolfsonRutgers University
1181Tom Clark
1182Tom Corcoran
1183Tom MayerEmeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder
1184Tom Pessahactivist and sociologist, Israel
1185Tom Sperlinger
1186Tony GreensteinBrighton & Hove UNISON
1187Tova Benjamin
1188Tracy Jeanne RosenthalL.A. Tenants Union
1189Trisha TerwilligerSocial justice activist, artist, writer
1190Tufik Habib
1191Tzvia ThierIsraeli Holocaust survivor, Jewish Voice for Peace NJ
1192Uri ThierEx-IDF Paratrooper
1193Vasant Sagar
1194Vera Szoke
1195Vered AmitAnthropologist
1196Victoria Mack
1197Vivienne PorzsoltJews against the Occupation, Australia
1198Wendy Galson
1199Will LuckmanNYC-DSA
1200Will RodriguezComedian
1201Will Tavlin
1202Will TchakiridesPhD Candidate in History
1203William Klein
1204William Ruhm
1205William Shookhoff
1206William Taylor
1207Wilson GossEducator
1208Wolfe Erlichmann
1209Woodya Blomee
1210Yael KorinCalifornia
1211Yael Shomroni
1212Yair Svorai
1213Yakira Teitel
1214Yasmine HaleviPolitical exilée
1215Yehoshua RosinGush-Shalom (peace block)
1216Yigal Arens
1217Yiskah Mannix-SchmidtINN
1218Yoav Litvin
1219Yom ShamashIJV
1220Yonatan Zelnik
1221Yoni GolijovFilmmaker
1222Yossi KhenPeace Activist
1223Yossi KhenPeace activist
1224Yossi SchwartzRevolutionary Communist International Tendency
1225Yotam ZoharArtist and teacher
1226Yvonne Cheek
1227Zach Rosenberg
1228Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
1229Zachary Daniel Friedman
1230Zachary Siegel
1231Zachary TavlinSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
1232Zahra Moumand
1233Zalman AmitDistinguished Professor Emeritus, Concordia University
1234Zari Zalmai
1235Zarrin Shannon
1236Zev Frank
1237Zillah EisensteinWriter, Activist, Prof. Emerita, Anti-Racist Feminism, Ithaca College
1238Zina Goodall
1239Zoe Goorman

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