43 Years since the Coup, Fight Against Capitalism’s terror Yesterday and Today!

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16/04/2019 by socialistfight

Mar 24, 2019: Thousands marched through Buenos Aires on Sunday to demand ‘memory’ on the 43rd anniversary of the 1976 military coup. The demonstration converged on the Plaza de Mayo, used by mothers and grandmothers of those disappeared in the so-called Dirty War of 1976-1983. The remaining members of the human rights group attended the protest, many being pushed through on wheelchairs. A large flag containing victims’ faces was also unfurled and carried through the streets. The Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, which marks the anniversary of the coup, is a public holiday in Argentina. Human rights groups estimate around 30,000 people were killed during seven years of military rule. One year after the coup, mothers of the disappeared began marching around the Plaza de Mayo to demand the whereabouts of their missing children. Their campaign to reunite families continues to this day.

On 24 March 1976 a genocidal blow was delivered at the Argentinian working class. This was preceded by several instances of terrorism Capitalist both by the state and state-owned organization. The result of the coup was the extermination of the militant vanguard in order to open the way to defeating the workers and the neocolonialization of the country, thus aborting the rise of workers’ and popular struggles that had been taking place.

Tendencia Militante Bolchevique (Argentina) 23-3-2019

The coup was part of a policy of continental domination driven by imperialism. The repressive apparatus was directed by imperialism itself. Framed in the so-called “doctrine of national security”, where the armed forces and security play a comprehensive role as the custodians of imperialist capital. In this was there began a certain economic model of accumulation of capital based on the snowball debt. This damaged the productive forces and deepened the backwardness and dependence of the country.

It was the workers’ own struggle that forced the dictatorship as a political solution to embark on the fight for the Malvinas, where the diplomacy, abandoning the imperialist template of the doctrine of national security, refused to make the Malvinas question part of an authentic anti-imperialist struggle, which led to the defeat in the Malvinas, thus precipitating the end of the dictatorship itself due to popular repudiation.

Today are Before a New Crisis of a Model of Accumulation of This Nature, Driven by the Macrismo. With Macri – Representative and Part Of all the Same Groups Economic To be Benefited with the Dictatorship Genocidal – Attended to a Strengthening of Fence Repressive as Is Come here The Impulse of Trigger Easy. We are witnessing a reinforcement of the repressive fence as the easiest way out of their crisis. 

In the past the genocidal dictatorship was necessary to impose the neo-colonization economic policy and the attack on the workers. At present the Macrism needs to reinforce the repressive siege to impose its brutal adjustment on the workers. In the course of 2018, the state apparatus killed one person every 21 hours in Argentina. This was highest indicator since the end of 1983. In other words, state terror under the Macri has produced the most murders since the dictatorship.

All this in order to guarantee its pro-imperialist economic policy and super-concentration of wealth, the economic policy that today results in the crisis of mass improvisation with the consequent economic and social damage to the working class, because it is Impossible to carry forward a policy of that nature without deepening the repressive siege on the masses. This is given in a context where the offensive of imperialist terrorism on the continent grows, as seen in sabotage and blockade of Venezuela.

History has shown that an effective struggle against capitalist terrorism requires an independent working-class organization aimed at guaranteeing the definitive victory of workers over the capitalist state itself.

● Punishment for all those responsible and for the beneficiaries of the genocidal coup!

● Freedom for all political prisoners!

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