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07/03/2019 by socialistfight

A very left reformist take on the situation im the Labour party by Graham Bash. Excellent on antisemitism. But the socialism through parliament orientation is the major ideological barrier to socialism itself. That is what constrains Corbyn and McDonnell, not to mention the appalling Lansman. A direct appeal to the mass membership woukd have pulverised the antisemitism attacks, a deselection orientation woukd have driven out the rightists.

But getting little they would ask for more. The working class would not be easily put back in their boxes if unleashed now, after the long oppression by the right Blairites and the trade union bureaucracy.

the watch

This is the transcript of a speech given by Graham Bash to Canterbury Momentum on Wednesday 6 March.

Comrades, I am so sorry Chris Williamson is not here today. And I’m devastated that he has been suspended from the Labour Party. We are in a pivotal moment, at a tipping point.

The witch-hunt against the left has now claimed a leading parliamentary ally of Jeremy Corbyn. We are in the middle of another attempted coup – this time, possibly, a slow one – but it is gathering force, and the false and exaggerated allegations of antisemitism within the party will not stop unless and until Jeremy himself is either toppled or, in effect, taken prisoner by the right of our party. This coup is about re-establishing the primacy of the PLP against the members – and it is a coup supported by sections of the left itself, including the leadership…

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